10 Deep And Positive Soulmate Signs


Are you waiting for your soulmate to come into your life? But how would you recognize your soulmate?

We all have heard a lot about soulmates and the deep and fulfilling soul connection shared between two soulmates. But the question is how to recognize your soulmate out of the 7 billion people on Earth! How to ensure this is the one for you?

The renowned intuitive psychologist, Dr. Carmen Harra commented on the topic of “Soul Mate or Life Partner”;

“Your soul mate makes you feel entirely intact like no piece is missing from the puzzle. A life partner, on the other hand, can be a great supporter and long-time companion, but is limited in his or her capacity to enrich your spirit.”

Those who have encountered soulmates or soul connections are lucky ones. Most of us settle for life partners, driven by our fear of being alone and various other reasons.

We make different types of relationships, some are karmic, some are transitory, some are compromising relationships, and many more.

A soulmate relationship is different from all other types of relationships. It also differs from the relationship you have with a life partner.

The relationship with a soulmate is not just about survival, feeling secure, or simple companionship; it goes much beyond that. It’s like they are the keys to our locks and locks to our keys!

Of course, there are people who find this whole concept absurd and too good to be true. They don’t want to waste time waiting for a soulmate. Hardly do they know that there is a very special bond between soulmates.


If you are blessed to meet your soulmate or if you want it wholeheartedly, then all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve your goal. You will meet the person without extra effort, it will happen unanticipated and unexpectedly.

Characteristics Of A Soulmate Bond

Your soulmate seems to be the one whom you have known many lifetimes, and have had many karmic contracts with. He or she may be like a spiritual gift to you. You will feel complete, entirely healed, and happy despite all negative episodes.

You can expect the following in the presence of your soulmate:

  • You will feel amazing and electric.
  • You will feel magnetically drawn to him.
  • You can sense that the supreme energy is guiding you two
  • You align with that vibration even if you are a thousand miles apart.
  • They will light the spark in you, and help you reach your highest potential and chase your dreams.
  • They will remind you to be alive, vibrant, and hopeful.

This is a connection that no words can encompass. It’s a special affinity and a powerful bond between two different individuals.


Recognize Your Soulmate

You cannot find a soulmate by searching or praying for them earnestly. A soulmate needs to be recognized. For recognizing soulmate energy, you need a lot of self-awareness, self-love, and self-compassion. And then when, and if, they do come along, you are ready to sizzle.

Are you married and wondering whether your life partner is your soulmate? Or searching for your soulmate and thinking about the soulmate signs that can help you identify them?

Well, there are ten soulmate elements that can help you to recognize your soulmate.

10 Elements Of A Soulmate

Here are the ten elements of a soulmate, according to Dr. Carmen Harra, that can help you recognize your soulmate accurately!

1. It’s Something You Feel Inside

There are no words to describe how your soul mate makes you feel. It’s a powerful, intense, and lingering emotion that comes from within.

When you meet them, you will just know within your heart! This would be a very personal and unique experience. To recognize your soulmate, you have to be attuned to your inner feelings.


2. Sense Of Déjà Vu

Other than love at first sight, you may feel that you have met this person before and that you have known them all along. It clearly means they were present in your past lives. If you want to recognize your soulmate, don’t dismiss this telltale sign.

3. You Just Get Each Other

When you meet your soulmate, even though he or she is a complete stranger, it will not at all be difficult for you to confide in them. You both will start making each other feel things that you thought were impossible for you to feel.

When you recognize your soulmate, it will be like feeling complete as you have found the missing piece of yourself.

4. Love and Accept Each Other’s Flaws

There is nothing called a perfect mate. Your soulmate may too have character defects. However, the bond you develop with your soul mate is not easy to break.

When you both are together, you will feel entirely different. You will keep pursuing each other, understanding, and sharing each other’s flaws and failings.


 5. More Intense Than Normal Relationships

In a soul mate relationship, you two will put your heart and soul in both good and bad times. No matter what, you will have each other’s back, show up authentically, and navigate difficulties.

You will embrace the conflicts because you both will find ways to reconnect with each other and strengthen your love.

6. You Two Against The World

You will always be committed to the growth of your relationship by challenging each other to evolve. You might see the relationship as “us against the world.” You will choose to love again and again and will be ready to fight with the entire world.

7. You’re Mentally Inseparable

You will have deep spiritual and mental connections with each other. You are always in each other’s thoughts, even when miles apart due to work or any other reason.

Just like twins, you intuitively know each other’s feelings. You may call each other at the same time, share the same goals and needs, and so on.

How To Recognize Your Soulmate: 10 Elements Of A Soul Connection
Recognize Your Soulmate

8. You Get That Reassurance Without Asking

You will feel secure, comfortable, and protected when you are with your soulmate. He or she will never play on your insecurities.

If you give them fearful glances and they give back reassuring glances, it’s a sign that you both understand each other well. In this way, it becomes easy to recognize your soulmate.


9. You Can’t Imagine Your Life Without Them

They can’t think of walking away from your life consciously or subconsciously. You can’t imagine being without them either. You listen to each other, always ready to do it all over again. You have 0% doubt that this is the person you want to marry.

10. Look Into Each Other’s Eyes

You feel an extreme level of confidence and comfort when you look into each other’s eyes when talking or listening. You know when and how to fill the void. It comes naturally from the deep connection between two souls.


Could you recognize your soulmate? What did you find out after reading these 10 soul mate elements? Leave a comment down below.

How To Recognize Your Soulmate: 10 Elements Of A Soul Connection
Recognize Your Soulmate
How To Recognize Your Soulmate: 10 Elements Of A Soul Connection
Recognize Your Soulmate
How To Recognize Your Soulmate Soul Connection pinex
How To Recognize Your Soulmate: 10 Elements Of A Soul Connection
How To Recognize Your Soulmate Soul Connection pin
How To Recognize Your Soulmate: 10 Elements Of A Soul Connection

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