13 Genius Vegetable Planting Hacks to Save You Money


The best way to get your hands on some healthy produce is with these crazy, unconventional and Easy Planting Hacks. Follow them today and you’ll have fresh-from-the-garden food tomorrow!

I know it sounds too good to be true, but these 13 easy planting hacks will help you grow vegetables for free! You just need a few things from your kitchen.

1. Cucumbers From Cucumber

The best way to grow your own cucumbers is by scooping out the seeds from a cucumber and adding them in water. The ones at bottom that settle themselves are the seeds you should pick.

Then, you can just transfer these over for growing more cucumbers!

2. Grow Lavender Easily

The seeds of a lavender flower can provide you with an endless supply of lavender plants. Rub the bloom in your palm to get them out, and spread on paper towels overnight before transferring them into soil for 8-10 weeks!

3. Growing Eggplants, what do you think?

Step 1: Make a cut on the bottom of your eggplant, microwave for two minutes.

Step 2: Peel it and remove its seeds, then add them into water and strain it.

Step 3: Now take an eggshell, fill it with potting mix and sow seeds. Then transfer them to your pot.

It will take about 12-14 weeks for you to have fresh home-grown eggplants.

4. Grow Your Own Ginger

Ginger is a wonderful herb that has many health benefits. One way to get fresh ginger in your home without waiting for it to grow, plant some rhizomes!

Cut off pieces from any of these with buds and put them into potting soil on top so their cut cheeks are faced down. Then, do some thorough watering and place where there’s filtered sunlight for best results.

5. Potato Tip

A spud for all you potato lovers out there! Cut the potatoes into halves, fill up with potting soil and plant them cut-side down.

Covering them up helps keep in more water so they’ll be fresh when you’re ready to fry ’em up later on.

6. It’s Squash Time!

To start your squash off on the right foot, cut away at its top until you’re left with just a lid.

Scoop out any seeds and then spread them across an organic potting mix, then cover them with soil and do some thorough watering. Plant them inside or outside, somewhere its warm enough (60 F/15 C).

7. Grow More Capsicums

Collect the seeds from a capsicum and put them in a bowl. Next, fill your potting mix into an appropriately sized container to hold as many of these as possible then water it well.

Place it somewhere it will receive indirect sunlight. In a couple of weeks you will see the seeds sprouting.

8. Tomato Slices

Grow your very own tomatoes at home with this simple hack! Make 1/4 inch thick slices of fresh tomato and lay them on top of the container.

Cover each slice in soil, then spray water to make it wet enough so that when you cover all sides they will be well rooted plants ready for harvesting later down the line.

9. Onions Sprouts

All you have to do for beautiful onions is to plant them in the soil, water well and place where it gets partial sunlight.

10. Grow Lemon in a Cup

The next time you squeeze fresh lemons on your food, just throw some lemon seeds in a cup. Keep them moist and provide the right conditions for growth by keeping their soil in an open pot or window sill!

You’ll be able to grow new plants within weeks!

11. Marigold

Dried marigold flowers have seeds in them, which you can use to start a new plant. Rub dried flower petals over the planting bed or pot and watch it happen before your very eyes!

If they are too thin transplant them to some other available places.

12. Bittermelon

A great way to start your new plant is by harvesting overripe bitter melon. You can either cut it open, take out the seeds and sow them or you could just plant an entire piece in a pot as well.

13. Pineapple

Pineapple is a lot easier than you think. All you need to do it cut off the head of a fresh pineapple and put in your potting mix with some water, wait two weeks and soon you will have a new plant!

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