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German Shepherds are one of America’s most popular dog breeds, and as German Shepherd lovers, we know why. They are strong, brave, and fearless. They are kind, loving, and faithful. They are our companions, protectors, and most of all, they are family. Check out the photos below, showing how German shepherds are the best dogs ever.

You are reading:: 20 Times German Shepherds Proved They Are The Best Dogs Ever– cqha

1. They’re great at taking selfies. (IG|_gsdbear)

2. They are the best kissers. (IG|alaska.kyro.gsd)

3. They are always there to support you. (IG|bestboybenson)

4. They are absolutely stunning! (IG|charlie_theblackshepherd)

5. Big dogs don’t scare them. (IG|downtowndutchie)

6. They make great road trip companions. (IG|goodgirlnadja)

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7. They comfort you when you are sad. (IG|huntersmith.gsd)

8. They are loyal for life (IG|jesse_zoro_raven )

9. They are great partners. (IG|k9_casner)

10. They make great pillows and will always keep you safe at night. (IG|kingleo_gsd)

11. No one will mess with you when your German Shepherd is around! (IG|kodathegermanshep)

12. They’re just so darn adorable! (IG|lexiofficialtr)

13. They accept everyone. (IG|maya.papaya.gsd)

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14. They give the best hugs. (IG|niko_the_gsd_)

15. They make work more exciting! (IG|ourk9recruits)

16. They are the best protectors. (IG|scout.thegsd)

17. They will be your best friend for life. (IG|the_almighty_gsd_rambo)

18. Two are always better than one. (IG|jesse_zoro_raven)

19. Three are better than two. (IG|rileysshepherds)

20. But you can never have too many. (IG|k9dopastordagala)

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