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26 Reasons It Rocks To Be In A Relationship In Your 20’s

It doesn’t make sense, right?

After all, being in your 20’s is supposed to be about experimentation! Exploring new boundaries and pushing past them! Deciding to be “free, man, I just need to live free and clear of any responsibilities…”

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Except that’s wrong. Misguided. Dare I say… ignorant!

There’s so much pressure on young people in their 20’s to “get out there!” “See all your options!” “Don’t tie yourself down and waste your youth!”

And I think that’s crap.

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I was in a long term relationship in my 20’s for four and a half years. While we were together, I traveled the world with him and without him, lived with him and without him, and lived my 20’s to the fullest – even though we were “locked down” with each other.

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The truth was, the stability and joy I got from my relationship helped enhance and encourage me in other aspects of my life, which brought me further than I ever could have imagined.

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So with that in mind, I want to share some of my favorite things about being in a relationship when you’re in your 20’s. This is for all the 20-somethings in a relationship who are tired of hearing that they should be “exploring their options” when they’re really just happy with the person they’re with.

  1. You have a partner – someone who has your back – and who will protect you and make sure you get home no matter what.
  2. You get to learn what you want in a partner early and what you need for a relationship to work.
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  4. You have someone by your side that you can really trust as you try to build a life for yourself.
  5. You get to spend your time with someone that people spend their whole lives trying to find: someone who really gets who you are.
  6. You don’t have to deal with going on dates with crappy people and finding out first hand that they suck.
  7. No matter whether you get married to them or not, you’ll gain valuable experience and insight into being in a serious relationship that will last the rest of your life.

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  1. You have a person who wants to support you and give you love as you’re changing and growing and learning about yourself.
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  3. You have someone to share secrets with, someone to laugh with, and someone to make love with, all in the same person.
  4. You don’t have to worry about STD’s because you’re both (hopefully) exclusive with each other.
  5. You don’t have to listen to your family nagging you about finding someone special – you already found them.
  6. You don’t ever have to feel the pressure of going out anymore, because you always have someone to spend your time with. And if you do decide to go out, you don’t have to deal with talking to strangers if you don’t want to – because your partner is there to be with you.
  7. You have someone who’s always looking after you and letting you know where you can improve and become a better person.
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  9. You can have just as much fun as a single person (like traveling and hanging out with your friends) while still having the awesome perks of being with a serious partner.
  10. Your relationship can evolve on its own, without the pressure of finding someone to marry that comes later in life.
  11. You have someone who always wants to give you encouragement about the things you’re doing and cheers you on from your corner.
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