7 Identifying Signs Of A True Soulmate


Finding a soulmate is like finding a lost treasure, and a few signs can help you find understand better whether you have found yours or not. Once you find your soulmate, you will experience an attraction and connection like never before. Your life will change, is an understatement.

“The minute I heard my first love story I started looking for you, not knowing how blind that was. Lovers don’t finally meet somewhere. They’re in each other all along.” ~ Jalal ad-Din Rumi

There are a lot of definitions floating around for the term “Soulmate”. However, if we come to think of it, the meaning is pretty simple, a soulmate is someone who is a mate of your soul first and foremost.

A soulmate is someone who shares similar energy and similar purpose as yours and therefore you two share a strong spiritual connection. I believe soul mates come to help remind us of our purpose and help to awaken us to the reality of who we really are.

Soulmates don’t have to be necessarily romantic but most often they are because of the strong attraction and connection between them.

Here Are 7 Identifying Signs Of A True Soulmate

You feel a very strong attraction and pull towards your soulmate. There is an instant sense of familiarity that you have known them before. It is because your soul recognizes the energy of their soul even if you may be meeting them for the first time in this lifetime.

The intensity of attraction and pull that you will feel for them will be unlike you have ever felt before for anyone else. You will feel aligned with them on levels – emotionally, mentally, and spiritually and the physical chemistry will be palpable.

2. There is strong communication.

However, soulmates have strong empathy and intuition and they can finish each other’s sentences but expecting them to know everything that is there on your mind is unrealistic.

Most people think that once they are in a soulmate relationship, their soulmate is going to automatically know what they need or want without clearly communicating their desires. We have different conditionings and different communication styles and thinking that the other person would know our needs without communicating is setting ourselves up for failure.

However, a clear sign of a soulmate relationship is that they have a very strong foundation for communication. They have very strong bonding and know how to create an open and vulnerable space for communication between them.

3. You are best friends and you can be your authentic selves with each other.

You feel an innate sense of comfort and familiarity with your soulmate. You share unconditional love and mutual respect for each other. You can be open and vulnerable with them unlike you have been with anyone else before.

They are your best friend, a partner in crime, a mentor, and a lover. They love you for who you are and also challenge you to grow into your highest possible version.

4. The relationship awakens you to the essence of who you really are.

The soulmate relationship can dramatically turn your life upside down. The main purpose of the relationship is to awaken you to the essence of who you really are. Meeting them will trigger your awakening process. All the old habits, facades, and insecurities that are holding you back, will come to the surface for being cleared and released.

This connection may make you discover new skills or talents that you didn’t know you had and they will be connected to fulfilling your life purpose.

5. You are both wholes.

The myth of romantic love that we have been fed by fairytale movies that we are incomplete and need other people to complete us is not true for real soulmate relationships.

Soulmate relationships are strong spiritual connections and not based on codependency. They happen between two individuals who are complete and whole on their own. They are powerful creators and know how to create the life they desire. They are not looking for someone else to stroke their ego or to complete them.

They both understand each of them is whole and there is nothing they need to do to change you. They love you the way you are, they don’t find anything missing or broken in you to fix.

6. You’re on the same page where it counts.

While on the surface you both may have different personalities, likes, or interests. But you would be compatible with the things that are important like how you view life and the world and what is your soul purpose.

They are in tune and in sync with each other.

7. You know in your gut.

Last, but not least, you will know in your gut when you meet your soulmate. Your coming together will feel bigger than the two of you like the universe is orchestrating your meeting.

The most important guide on this journey is your intuition and the wisdom of your heart.

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