A “Furever” Home Was Found By K-9 Working Dog

A military K-9 working dog is a highly skilled and trained dog that performs various tasks like guarding areas, discovering things, such as ammunition or explosives, and detecting when the enemy is approaching. K-9 dogs have been used in the military for centuries, but they weren’t officially recognized until 1942 during World War II.

Similar to U.S. basic training K-9s and soldiers are required to participate in a 120-day training where they learn a variety of useful abilities for the military.

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Because of their specialized abilities and superb sense of smell, these military working dogs are essential to the job. Through rigorous training, the military assists K-9s in honing their innate instincts, enabling them to detect weapons, drugs, bombs, and wounded soldiers when necessary.

The effect on morale is another advantage of using military K-9s in the workplace.


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Sgt. Jason Dingler, a military working dog handler with the 95th Military Police Detachment (MWD) at Joint Base Lewis-McChord, said that having his military service dog by his side every day was like having a partner. “The name of my current working dog is Greco. I enjoy going to work each day knowing that we will collaborate.

There comes a point when these K-9s must leave the Army, just like Soldiers. When the military working dogs retire, they have a few different alternatives.

The option of being adopted by their existing handlers is available to many. They can go to various organizations to help them get adopted by other military members or the general population if that isn’t possible due to circumstances, health difficulties, or behavioral problems.


Dingler added, “I’ve been Greco’s handler for four years, and he just started the process to retire. “He’s a nine-year-old German Shepherd that has been sent four times to different countries around the world to support significant military operations with law enforcement and counter-bomb detection.”

The move from military working dog to pet has various challenges, just like the transfer from Soldier to the citizen.

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Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, stress from a new setting, and loneliness when their owners have to go for work can all cause behavioral issues in animals. To ease the dogs into the integration process, the handlers start off cautiously.

When I learned that Greco was retiring, I quickly started the adoption process, according to Dingler. “I knew his range of motion would be restricted after he was diagnosed with arthritis, but I want to make sure he has the best life possible.


I’ll exert every effort to give him that. In order to spend every day hanging out with my best friend, I’m thrilled to be able to bring him home.


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