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Hi everybody. I am Brunolike, a small middle-aged man with a breath as salty as sea water.

Actually, this year I am only 30 spring greens, to call it middle-aged is not enough effort, but if calling youth, it seems a bit silly. Well… I boldly called myself middle-aged to make it mature. Either way, I’ll reach that age, but I can’t go back to my youth anymore. Ask for a favor!

I’m Brunolike

I study IT, but I am very passionate about literature. I like to write about all topics around life, only “coding” is what I really dislike.

Thanks to that, people still call me by my stage name very affectionately: “half-season IT guy”. It sounds strangely cute. Never mind, don’t care. Actually, up to now, I also “forget about autumn afternoon” with “writing code”, guys.

After more than 30 years of experience, I discovered that I was suddenly… really old. Grandparents often say: “One hundred years of stone stele will wear out, a thousand years of beer and wine will still be inert”. But I was not fortunate enough to sip that “inertness”. Years of drinking have made my look much more barren than it has ever been. The most prominent is the belly that can hold the whole sky and … many other hideous miscellaneous things.

Frustrated by this sad truth, I risked my life to set up Blog “cqha.net” with the aim of sharing my feelings with my peers. By the way, I also quiz you to know what Brunolike means?

What topic is this blog about? Honestly, I haven’t figured it out yet. Initially, I intended to focus on writing about health. Everyone will pass away, but almost everyone is afraid of passing away. Don’t wait until then to realize that health is extremely important.

However, in order to have good health, in addition to practicing sports, you must also have abundant financial resources to support your body. If you say you don’t believe it, even buying briefs affects your health a lot. That’s why I also plan to write more about finance, make money online, get rich, etc.

After having money, what about health? Life experience, of course. You can buy this and that, travel everywhere with your sugar baby, join a sugar daddy group, etc. So I plan to write about travel and life too.

A vicious cycle, whatever the hell I want to write.

In the end, I decided to write whatever I thought to be healthy, to avoid thinking about work. But I will definitely write about middle age, especially health, focusing a lot on gentlemen but also won’t forget about ladies. Dont worry.

Don’t let middle age become a nightmare, accept, cherish and pamper it like when you cherish your wife.

With my experience after more than 30 years of reading books, plus a lot of general knowledge thanks to my long stay in the internet…, I believe I have enough knowledge to share with you guys. things that you have been interested in, are interested in and will certainly be interested in.

This is a personal Blog, so I only share my views from a personal perspective. And whether that view can penetrate into your hardened black soul or not, “everything depends”.

Hopefully my Blog will somehow help you relax in the remaining few decades of your short life.

Hopefully my fresh middle-aged breath will help you breathe well in this polluted environment without a ventilator.

And don’t forget to Like and Subscribe for Brunolike – The one who breathes life into middle age.

That’s it!

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