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Ammo NYC makes MORE than you THINK!

We are pretty sure you have heard of ammo NYC if you love cars and have a great passion


for engines and designs.


Don’t worry if you have no idea about ammo NYC because, in today’s video on celebrity


net worth, we will be explaining everything, including how ammo NYC was formed, its history,


and the mastermind behind it.


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You are reading: Ammo NYC makes MORE than you THINK!

Ammo NYC STory


This is the story about a young man who was thrilled by the voices of the cars driving


off, was fascinated by the details and structures of specific vehicles, and had an immense liking


for exotic engines.


Ammo NYC today manufactures and sells services for a large variety of procedures in the detailing


process of vehicles to customise it as one in your dreams.


These procedures would include Cleaning, washing, and protecting the engines dropped in the


garage for a classy glow-up that your car deserves.


Using essential tools like brushes, towels, and scrubbers, ammo NYC builds up the vehicle


and gives it a complete makeover.


And speaking of the company, AMMO NYC maintains its website and is super active on social


media platforms.


The brand can be found on detailing forums or message boards from time to time, but it


is most often showcased by resellers, distributors, and customers.


The ammo NYC brand can be seen at detailing events and meetings on particular occasions


but is mainly represented by resellers.


That was indeed a little insight on what ammo NYC is and what it does.


But now, let’s move on to the history of AMMO NYC.


History of AMMO NYC


Larry Kosilla was born on October 2, 1981.


He grew up in the states with his family.


On the internet, we can dig up the biographies and history of most known celebrities quite




The internet can give you information about what they like to do in their leisure time


and their favourite dessert.


However, Larry’s case is a bit different.


There is not much information engraved in google about Larry’s family or high school




Only little is known about Larry when it comes to his academics and past life.


But one thing that the internet does feed us with is his undying love and steaming passion


for cars.


Story of ammo NYC Despite the very little information about


Larry’s past, there is one story about how ammo NYC was formed.


In a CNBC video from 2016, Larry explained how he was obsessed with being successful


and making money upon reaching college.


Like most of us, Larry had a vision for his future, and that was to make money and be


triumphant in life.


He worked so much to earn the top title to the point that he might have gotten a bit


lost in the journey.


Larry soon got himself a job on wall street, ‘trading natural gas commodities at the New


York Mercantile Exchange.’


and was on his way to make big money.


With all the money from his preferred job, he could buy what he desired the most.


Larry could purchase his happiness, and that happiness would precisely be luxurious, expensive




The trading job did make him wealthy, and he cashed in a good stack of money.


Larry was living his dream life, and one day, that’s when this thought struck him.


Maybe buying happiness is not his ultimate wish; perhaps it’s something else, and Larry


deviated from his path and focused on what he wanted to do with life.


And yes!


He finally got the answer.


He wanted to be around expensive cars and pamper the world’s exotic vehicles.


That was happiness meant to him.


Larry started by working at a place that he said “prepared cars for movies.”


Larry explained how going to that place nurtured him so much, looking after cars, washing them,


repairing and maintaining vehicles.


“It was a dream job,” he said.


But it wasn’t the final destination that Larry had dreamt about.


He thought further and came up with the idea of doing this all by himself!


And that’s when Larry decided to set up a garage on his own and take up work by himself.


In the interview, he stated about his ‘first big time’ client, who happened to be the CEO


of a clothing enterprise.


Additionally, Larry knew the CEO personally as he was his friend’s father.


The big man left his silver Aston Martin in Larry’s hand, and the young lad took his job




That was Kosilla’s first job, and he absolutely nailed it.


From there on, he took up more work, and while maintaining vibrant vehicles, Larry thought


it would be great to take snaps of him doing maintenance work on the car.


The increased amount of work indicated that Larry’s customers trust him and be highly


impressed with the number and quality of cars he had worked with.


“I don’t have commercials, I’m not there in any magazines,” says Larry.


Unlike many celebrities who naturally get to be in magazines and ads, Larry built up


his fame all by himself, without any external help.


All he did was frequently post-cleaning videos on his youtube channel.


It’s surprising because despite being not that renowned among people, he is still the


creator of one of the biggest and go-to car care cleaning channels.


“I hosted a bunch of different shows on the drive channel Autoblog and of course my youtube




I’m hoping that’s how the company grew as fast as it did.”


Larry is proud of himself for running a car cleaning channel as it teaches and educates


people on how to look after their vehicles, the do’s and not do’s, and many more.


Kosilla’s first ever youtube video aired in 2012 when he showed the world “How to Wax


your Car’s Clear Bra.”


Though it’s eight years old, it is still one of the legendary and iconic videos that aided


in boosting ammo NYC’s channel growth.


And many people loved it, and that was Larry’s journey of happiness.


“You can’t fake enthusiasm, There’s not enough money in the world to fake enthusiasm.


It’s like the thing that you’d want to do if you didn’t need to work.


For me, it’s to wash cars and people were like ‘you want to wash cars for fun?


And I was like YEAH,” Kosilla said during the interview with CNBC.


This brilliant man used social media platforms to reach out to his customers as well as advertising.


Whenever he got to work, he would utilise his time washing the car and post pics on


Facebook and Instagram.


Most importantly, to teach his followers, he would post online tutorials.


Currently, Ammo NYC is a qualified and full-fledged firm.


You guys won’t believe it.


Each week, Kosilla works on cars worth 5 to 20 million dollars!


And that makes him belong to successful business leaders and CEOs.


For an hour, he would charge around 100 dollars!


Yes, Larry raised that bar of professionalism.


“If you’re happy and you become the best at whatever you do, and that can be a garbage


man, a cabinet maker or a banker or whatever, if you’re passionate, I think people around


your customers or clients, your friends, whoever will see that.


I’ve been doing this for, gosh, fifteen, sixteen years now and I don’t regret it at all.”


Larry says.


And it is true because, at the end of the day, all that matters is whether you gained


that job you love doing.


Located in Connecticut, United States, ammo NYC has become a sanctuary of flashy cars


requiring a striking makeover.


With a total of 1.76 million subscribers, the ammo nyc youtube channel has come a long


way, and it’s clear that Larry has never been this happy.


Networth The 37-year-old earns a networth of a staggering


1-5 million dollars.


Larry is a well-known YouTube celebrity and is one of the famous people born on October


2, 1981, and as a plus, he is one of the wealthiest YouTube stars born in the United States.


According to his social media pages, though there is no additional information on how


the talented Youtuber spends his money, he cherishes his time around more luxury cars.


Marital status Like it was mentioned earlier, Larry doesn’t


seem to be fond of disclosing his marital status.


But in the interview with CNBC, he revealed that his girlfriend, who is now his wife,


was his most significant pillar throughout this journey to seek happiness.


“I think what’s cool about cars is that they equalise people.


You can be a billionaire, you can be broke, it doesn’t matter.


It’s like the cars always bring you together, it’s more than just like the wow look at me


factor, I’m driving a yellow Lamborghini or a purple Porsche whatever, there is more to


it than that, “Larry comments at the end of the interview.


And just like that, we have made it to the end of this video.


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