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B is for Build BIOGRAPHY Lifestyle & Net Worth

B is for Build Net Worth

What is B is for Build  Net Worth?

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 B is for Build is a US-based YouTube channel established in 2015 and presented by Chris Steinbacher, a software engineer who has a passion for cars.


B is for Build got things started with some work in Chris’s backyard. As the channel aims to live the “built, not bought” phrase, which refers to the process of creating anything from scratch, the team decided to expand and find a new place.


They needed a bigger place where they could freely walk around while working on the cars. And just like Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos when they were starting their business, Chris and his team began renting a garage in another part of Portland to continue building challenging

project cars.


In addition to the challenging projects that are often regarded as unachievable, the channel is also known for performing controversial builds that are generally considered highly impossible.


You are reading: B is for Build BIOGRAPHY Lifestyle & Net Worth


Early Life


After being laid off in January 2017, Chris decided to pursue a full-time career as a YouTuber. Chris took advantage of the chance to devote his full attention to the YouTube channel.


But with a little bit of cash, Chris needs to adjust his lifestyle to sustain the channel completely.


Out of left field lifestyle, Chris has taken a 180-degree turn since leaving his job in 2017. From a happy-go-lucky senior software engineer working a 9-to-5 job at a software firm, Chris transitioned to a full-time YouTuber who built cars.


How Does ” B is for Build” Channel Spend and Earn His Money?


Chris starts to be more careful with money. From spending cash for drinks and parties, Chris starts saving for bold and one-of-a-kind builds, which his channel is pretty known of.


And on February 27, 2018, Chris again made a daring move when they released the “IM BUYING A SHOP!!!” video, where Chris stated that his landlord planned to sell the home and the garage where they built their project cars.


Chris wants to purchase the property. However, when Chris went to the bank to sign the papers, he ran into some challenges.


First, after he was laid off as a software engineer, Chris became a full-time YouTuber. This means that he doesn’t have a solid employment history which is one of the bank’s requirements.


The bank can not loan him any amount nor allow him to purchase a property through them without it.


That’s one of their primary requirements.


Second, the B is for Build’s 2017 tax return shows that they only made eight thousand dollars. This means that Chris’ funds were a little bit short.

So, did the bank let him sign the papers? You Know.


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If you have been following their channel, you will know that Chris is more of a risk-taker and a problem solver kind of man, and he does not let go of the things that he wants quickly.


So, he calls his parents for some help. His amazing parents, who saw his hard work and capabilities, loaned him some cash and co-signed the papers needed to transfer the property’s ownership to Chris.


That’s a tick off from his bucket list.




One happened on November 14, 2019, following the SEMA 2019.

The B for Build aired the “Happily Ever After! The BIFB Engagement”.


Chris already popped the question. Though we get frequent glimpses of Chris’s personal life, Chris talks about his relationship in detail in the “Happily Ever After!” episode.


Chris and Chelsea have been dating since before B is for Build premiered in 2015, and Chelsea can be seen in several episodes assisting Chris and their friends.


Chris met Chelsea around 2014 at a restaurant while she was working as a server while getting her master’s in teaching.


While Chris was a software engineer working in one of those buildings near the restaurant where Chelsea was working.


They Love.


Special Event


Everything was smooth sailing until B for Build made a noise again in 2020. They lose a copyright battle for Chris’s dream mustang builds.


If you are a fan of project cars and mustang, you might have seen Chris’ dream car, the iconic Eleanor from the 2000 film ‘Gone in 60 Seconds.


Chris was started building it through a 2015 Ford Mustang GT that was transformed into the ideal Eleanor-shaped car.


But Chris’s inability to get a license to the copyright and trademark for the ‘Eleanor’ is where it all started.


He then gave an update on his YouTube account, B for Build.

He said that the Mustang had been confiscated and that all recordings of the project had been deleted.


Unfortunately, because of the present legal situation, Chris cannot provide further information on the sequence of events.


Chris and the rest of the team definitely had some storm and stress in 2020, but this did not stop them from building more top-notch cars.


And on December 2020’s Christmas Special episode, Chris and his friends secretly worked on Chelsea’s dream vehicle.


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Chris bought the SUV for under 5,000 with a couple of issues and damages. But with his and his team’s skills, they were able to transform the SUV beautifully like a brand new car.


They ended 2020 with a bang, but 2021 welcomed them with more than that.


On August 2021, Chris revealed some shocking news. One of those was about his health.


He had a biopsy, and it seemed that he had melanoma cancer.

But instead of feeling down and hopeless, Chris used his platform to inspire and remind everyone to prioritize their health.


After two months, Chris had surgery to remove his cancer.


And instead of resting, Chris continued working on building cars.


Some of his notable builds include: BRZ.

The first car that was featured in their channel was a wrecked Subaru BRZ that they attempted to repair.


Lotus Evora.


In a 2016 video, “B is for Build – Lotus Evora Unveil,” Chris introduces the 2014 Lotus Evora that was deemed impossible to repair as it had suffered significant damage after its roll-over accident.


People started questioning his capabilities, but Chris restored the vehicle and used it regularly. Datsun 240Z . This drew a lot of attention to the channel once again, as people believed

it was impossible to build the Datsun 240Z.


But, the Build was successful.

Chris was able to successfully merge a large portion of the E60 BMW M5 and the Datsun 240z. This Build was even shown in the Konig Wheel booth at SEMA 2018 to demonstrate its capabilities.


Because of the channel’s bold move to buy, fix, build, and merge cars with significant damages, B is for Build attracted 1.51 million subscribers on YouTube.




B is for Build’s forecasted net worth is around $417,000 from YouTube advertising revenue alone.


If we will add its yearly earning of $90,000 – $110,000, B is for Build’s net worth will definitely be around more than $ 500,000.


Always know, though, that the channel’s net worth didn’t magically happen overnight. The channel had a considerable amount of bumps along the way, but it was their determination and perseverance over the years that brought them up to the top.


The B is for Build channel has taught us how to be a risk-taker and shows us that possibilities have no boundaries.


Source: https://cqha.net
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Source: https://cqha.net
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