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Barefoot Sailing Lifestyle, Biography & Networth

Today we will have a closer look into the secret life of Barefoot Sailing adventures.


What Is The Barefoot Sailing Adventures?

The Barefoot Sailing Adventures is a YouTube channel that has gained over 265 thousand


subscribers and it was created by Mike and Ashley who have made the exciting and challenging


decision to sail across oceans on an Odin 1820: a 27-foot trailer sailer that is primarily


designed for coastal and inland waterways.


Mike and Ashley built their following on multiple platforms on their sailing adventures and


while they have made multiple repairs to their boat, not much of that is documented online.


The channel is not based around the electronics and mechanics of boat repair as is common


within most of these channels.


Rather, they have decided to take another path and have opted for a lifestyle that is


mainly focused on Ashley and the bikini lifestyle as opposed to the mundanities of boat repair.


Most of their videos highlight their adventures and most of them are done almost or entirely


unclad while they have to be censored for YouTube, the uncensored versions can be gotten


on their Vimeo page.


You are reading: Barefoot Sailing Lifestyle, Biography & Networth


Current location.


Their last location, according to YouTube, was in Florida and it has also been shown


that they are in this location on their Instagram thought that could change pretty soon and


why would it not?


Having a trailer sailer is something that makes a person change locations quite frequently


though they have been keeping quite current about their locations on YouTube and Instagram


Past cruise locations Since they are currently making use of a small


trailer sailer, Mike and Ashley are limited in the places that they can visit and go to


so they have kept their cruise locations tight and limited but that’d is not mean that they


could not travel quite a lot of distance as they have visited some pretty fascinating


places which include the following locations: Miami, Tampa Bay, One tree island, Honeymoon


Island, Key West, Caladesi island, and the passage key.


They have also toured part of the ICW which is already an impressive feat for a 27 foot


Odin 1820.


Affordability It must not have been an easy feat and required


dedication and sacrifice.


Mike and Ashley made the money for their Odin 1820 by working for several years in landscaping,


stopping when they had made enough for their boat, a worthy investment if you ask me.


Noteworthy moments While the very idea of cruising in a trailer


sailer is extremely exciting, there have been some events for the barefoot sailing adventures


that have been, well, adventurous and have been listed amongst their most noteworthy


and exciting moments.


They once had a jet ski crash into them on one of their cruises.


However, this was from a personal friend of theirs and not much damage was done.


It was an exciting and perhaps a little frightening moment.


It is the kind of thing to make one’s heart leap from them but it all turned out fine.


They also have had a significant issue with anchoring early in the channel due to them


being new to the sailing lifestyle and being unable to fully understand the workings of


a sailor trailer.


They also add a lot of spice to what is already an enviable adventure with numerous adventures


and encounters on naturist beaches and going topless, is another way by which they explore


the freedom that the waters give.


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Alright, on to the final part


Life plans While Mike and Ashley have not mentioned any


collaborations and do seem to be content creating their content solely by themselves, they have


stated that they will continue to make these uncensored content and also continue sailing


and exploring because they find happiness and earn money from it and it would be exciting


to see the future videos that they will create.


They have also mentioned plans to sail through Europe and possibly South America during the


next few years, expanding the adventures to more places and bringing fresher excitement


to their viewers and subscribers.


They have also stated that, while there is much excitement in their life, it was a challenge


to start and they knew next to nothing about sailing and that is very understandable.


The very idea of going out to sea and quitting your day job is something that would frighten


most of us.


It was scary but it was something that they eventually got used to and had much fun doing.


This channel is inspiring in many ways and there are many things to take away from the


naturalist lifestyle that is being lived by these YouTubers.



Early Life


First off, it is very important to chase what you love.


There could be that dream and goal, that thing that has been with you every waking moment


that is worth pursuing just as this couple did.


There is a kind of freedom and peace that comes with chasing what you truly love and


many times it is also a good thing to take calculated risks and maybe, on special occasions,


uncalculated ones, and Mike and Ashley have shown that to us as they took to the waters


and started living free and earning from the thing that they love and it is also a good


example of the fact that you can be successful doing what you enjoy.


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Net Worth


Lets jump into their net worth!


Barefoot sailing adventures have been pretty successful and have made quite a decent amount


of money.


It mainly makes its income from social media websites.


They make around three thousand dollars a month from uncensored/ nude content on Vimeo,


approximately seven hundred dollars a month from their Patreon account, about one thousand


dollars a month from YouTube advertising revenue, and around six hundred dollars a month from


brand advertising.


In case some of you do not understand how this works, they are paid for ads that are


being viewed via their channel and they have put around three to five dollars per thousand


views and the income generated from all these put their monthly income at over five thousand


dollars and their net worth is approximated to be over 270 thousand dollars which is quite


the loot.


At this time, they have not made any collaborations with any other YouTube channels and have not,


as yet, clarified if it is a road that they are willing to take though that would be something


that would also be very exciting to watch and I have no doubt that many of the fans


and subscribers are looking forward to it.


It is obvious that Mike and Ashley are content and looking to explore even broader horizons.


They re making great money every month, with Ashley being front and center as a naturalist.


Their channel appeals to the person that is wild and free in spirit or even those that


just want the feeling of adventure and a taste of freedom or simply those who love seeing


others explore that path or enjoy this type of revealing lifestyle content.


The same person also has the potential to build his income stream to start sailing well


into the sunset or to do whatever he or she loves and to find the right audience that


can appreciate it.


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See you there!


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