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YouTube is neither new nor short of Chad Wild Clay, who is  a famous American YouTuber renowned for vloggers.  


But there are not many successful Youtubers  who consistently deliver parodies,  


diss tracks, impressions, songs, and other cool  fictional stuff. Yes, guys, today we will look  


at the Bio, Lifestyle, and Networth of the  hugely popular and talented Chad Wild Clay.  

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You are reading :Chad Wild Clay NETWORTH, Lifestyle & Biography

Bio Chris William Chris

Bio Chris William Chris, popularly known by his nickname- Chad Wild Clay,  is a viral YouTuber who is well known for posting  


diss tracks, parodies, impressions, songs, and  so on in his channel also of the same name- Chad  


Wild Clay. He is the brightest example of  a Youtuber attracting millions of viewers  


with at most innovative and creative content.  Therefore it may be no surprise that Chad Wild  


Clay has achieved this huge fame and success  on social media. In fact, he is one of the  


wealthiest YouTubers with millions of followers  across various social media platforms.  


Born on 10 March 1984 in Minnesota, U.S, Chad  is said to be very skillful and has an amazing  


unique personality. He loves doing new, crazy,  and adventurous things! He is also simply known  


as ‘CWC’ among his fans. He is a fan of Will  Smith, and Men in Black is his favorite movie.  


Chad graduated from Winona State University in  1999, was so indulged to play basketball in high  


school, otherwise likes playing snooker, loves to  travel around the world, and listening to music  


is his other hobby. Later, Chad Graduated from  Hennepin Technical College, Minnesota, in 2002,  


specializing in audio engineering. Growing  up, his dream career was to be a musician,  


songwriter, or recording engineer, which we  can say he has achieved in a different form,  


albeit in a more successful manner! With his  captivating and unique videos, Chad Wild Clay is  


an inspiration for many young upcoming YouTubers.


YouTube Channel

 Now, talking about his YouTube Channel, it was  


launched in March 2006. His YouTube channel has  a total of 13.6 million subscribers. His oldest  


archived video was published in September of 2010  and titled “iPhone Proposal in Movie Theater.”  


The video currently has 2,746,579 views.  During his early days as a Youtuber,  


he got a nickname, the “Fruit Ninja” superhero,  as he was best at slicing animated fruits! He is  


also good at doing challenges and DIY tutorials  for making your favorite video game weapons.  


CWC has roasted and made parody songs of YouTubers  like Casey Neistat, PewDiePie, Marina Joyce,  


Leafyishere, Jacksepticeye, Markiplier, Scarce,  RiceGum, Misha, Keemstar, and so on. His parody  


video called “Pen Pineapple Apple Pen” earned an  astonishing 100 million views for its excellent  


creativity and humor. And that was an excellent  opportunity for Chad to gain more viewers.  


He vlogs alone most of the time and is also known  to frequently collaborate with other popular web  


personalities and groups, including Guava Juice,  Carter Sharer, Team Edge, Stephen Sharer, and Dude  


Perfect. As of now, he has managed to amass around  a whopping 5 billion views, and that to guys with  


just 503 videos! Well, let us dig in and find  more details about this world-famous channel!  


CWC also has 810,000 followers on Instagram  and around 61,000 followers on Twitter.  


Apart from this, Chad is also the Co-Owner of  the SPY NINJAS media franchise with Vy Qwaint,  


Daniel Gizmo, Regina Ginera, & Melvin PZ9, a  family-friendly entertainment media brand. It  


all started with Chad creating a kid-aimed mystery  story series that the channel grew tremendously!  


He claims that “battle the YouTube Hacker group  PROJECT ZORGO using martial arts and detective  


skills while trying to find clues, solve riddles,  complete escape rooms, explore abandoned places,  


go on scavenger hunts, and competing in fun games  and challenges in real life” ( Note to V.E:-  


Pls. try to put this quote in the video). Chad Wild Clay was featured in CCN, VIDCON 2018.  


Besides these, he also owns part of a  software company known as Aladtec.  




Lifestyle Although we don’t know much about his personal  


life, we know that Chad has a four-member family.  He married another famous YouTuber, Vy Qwaint,  


in 2011. Chad Wild is a very loving husband. He is  a funny and charming guy who completely dotes on  


his wife. They marked their marriage as one of the  most memorable and evergreen events of their life.  


It is pretty clear from the videos that they have  a perfect understanding of each other. They are  


way too comfortable with each other, something  which everyone dreams of. Here is a trivia. Do  


you guys know that Chads’ first viral video was  his proposal to Vy, which was able to get millions  


of views? It is from here that he would go on  to climb the ladders of success. Behind every  


successful man is a woman, they say. And it’s  completely true when it comes to Chad.  


Chad and his family moved to Los Angeles,  California, in July 2015 after living in Oakdale,  


Minnesota. After their LA apartment burnt  down, Chad and his wife moved to Las Vegas,  


Nevada, sometime in 2018, which was the  location for most of his videos.  


As mentioned earlier, Chad is one of the richest  YouTubers around. Therefore, it is no surprise  


that he owns some of the most insane and expensive  items. Once, he uploaded a crazy video in which he  


showcases a 20,000 $ insane mystery box that  he purchased with some awesome spy gadgets.  


For those who don’t know what a mystery box is,  it is a package one can buy from a company for  


a certain amount of money. The higher you spend,  you will get more items and more expensive items.  


But sometimes, if you’re unlucky, you can  end up wasting a considerable sum of money.  


So that’s why spending $20,000 on a quote-unquote  mystery box is a huge gamble. Luckily for him,  


he ended up getting a good box with some cool  stuff, and it is really worth around $23,000.  


As with other popular YouTubers, Chad  is also not a stranger to luxury cars.  


In a video, we can see his Ferrari 458  Italia, which may cost you around 388,000$.  


Chad also owns an expensive Tesla Model S. This  car is worth 100,000$. He races against the  


drone in a video! (Note to V.E: pls. Display  the video). His Garage also includes another  


expensive car with mods and gadgets. ‘Back to the  Future’ flashback, guys! A Delorean car, rare and  


costly. Suicide doors, a Crazy fast engine, and a  sleek look. This car is worth around 150-200,000$  


due to its rarity. ( Note to V.E: Pls.  include DeLorean video from his channel).  


On 30 November 2019, the Chad Wild Clay youtube  channel subscriber count hit the Jaw-Dropping 10  


Million mark! This gave Chad possession  of the prestigious 10 Million subscribers’  


play buttons – given to YouTubers who  achieve certain milestones in their  


Youtube subscriber count. Umm What’s so special  about it? Not many people have it! (Note to V.E:  


Pls. Try to include the video of him celebrating).  In another video, Chad displayed his 10K $ safe.  


What’s more, he even broke open a $10K Safe for  a challenge in a video. The safe was very, very  


strong and unbreakable, but eventually, it was  broken. He not only bought this crazy expensive  


safe but also put 10K dollars in it and gave the  money to a group of contestants as Prize money!  


Wow! Crazy, isn’t it? ( Pls. Try to  include the video from the channel).  


Networth The primary source of Clay’s earning  


is the monetization of his YouTube channel.  After spending around 13 years as a Youtuber,  


CWC has managed to get 13.6 million subscribers  and amass a total of nearly 5 billion video  


viewership in total as of now. The channel  comes under the ‘Entertainment’ category.  


The channel’s highest viewed video is where Clay  and Vy parody the famous Pen Pineapple Pen song.  


This video, uploaded four years  ago, was viewed 108 million times!  


The second highest viewed video is also  a parody of the Pen Pineapple pen song  


but in 9 music styles. This video was viewed 69  million times on Youtube. His other videos like  


‘Five Horror Film Weapons in Real Life, Project  Zorgo Took off Mask, and SuperHero Gadgets in real  


life are the highest rated videos, which are also  great pieces of content to watch in your leisure.  


On average, the channel can get around 5 million  views per day from various videos. This will  


generate an estimated revenue of approximately  $40,000 per day which means $14 million a year  


from the ads that run on the videos alone. So  his net worth, according to the most considerate  


calculations, equals around $14 million.  This excluding the incomes from his merch,  


brand deals, and other sponsorships. That’s the end of today’s video, guys.  


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