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ChrisFix – Meet the KING of DIY!

If you have ever dreamt of becoming a famous YouTuber, creating content on how to fix cars,


then the name ChrisFix would be familiar to you.


As you know, ChrisFix is a YouTuber mostly uploading content on ‘do it yourself or DIY


related to cars.


If you are inspired by ChrisFix and want to know more about him, then you’re at the right place!


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In this video, we will give you all the details about ChrisFix’s lifestyle.


We will talk about his real name, lifestyle, girlfriend, biography, family, and much more!


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You are reading: ChrisFix – Meet the KING of DIY!

Early life Chris Magello


Early life Chris Magello, popularly known as ChrisFix,


was born on 4th July 1996 in Tennent, Monmouth County, New Jersey, USA.


Chris has always been very private on his matters and has never shared any details concerning


his siblings or parents.


But it is believed that his dad was a car mechanic, and that’s where he got his interest in cars.


Like most of us, He had a fun-filled childhood.


He used to play football at elementary school which he switched to soccer while attending high school.


He also was interested in many other things like playing the guitar, acting, and, nevertheless, studies.


He also admired the profession of being a chef before he grew interested in fish and biology.


After his matriculation in 2014, he went to Rutgers University’s School of Environmental


and Biological Studies, from where he graduated in 2018.


Career On 30th July in 2008, Chris began his career


on the Internet by creating his present-day channel, which has 7.2 million subscribers today, “ChrisFix”.


His videos are beneficial and have over one billion views of all his videos combined.


Chris, in his videos, gives detailed by step tutorials of fixing cars, which helps his


fans to fix their vehicles on their own.


We all wished to fix our vehicles someday, and nowhere is ChrisFix!


Usually, on every 10th day, he uploads several videos, and currently, his most popular videos


are “How to SUPER CLEAN your Engine Bay”, having watched nearly 35 million times since


11th July of 2017, and “How to Restore Headlights PERMANENTLY”, having viewed over 27.5 million


times since 16th October of 2014.


Most of us now prefer to watch his videos and work by ourselves rather than hiring a




A mechanics toolbox is the most crucial item to have in your garage for Chris.


Its major purpose is for organizing, and it allows you to quickly obtain the tool you




Let’s take a look at the vehicle repair tools that Chris Magello suggests.


You can notice on his channel that he prefers a large drawer-style toolbox.


While it is pricey, it performs an outstanding job of maintaining your electronic devices.


You can even choose for the smaller toolboxes that resemble briefcases.


They have the advantage of being portable, which is outstanding if you spend most of


your time on the road.


How can we omit one of the main highlights of a toolbox!


Come on, guys!


Give it a guess!


Yup, it’s the screwdriver!


A screwdriver is an essential tool to have in your toolbox.


As we all know Screwdrivers exist in a variety of shapes and sizes, and their principal function


is to drive in or remove screws.


Look at the type of screws you’re working with before obtaining a screwdriver.


Choose a screwdriver set with heads that match different types of screws for versatility.


A cleaning solution and good old duct tape are two other tools you can have in addition to the ones provided.


A wrench set is useful in a variety of scenarios, from engine repairs to wheel maintenance.


It’s critical to have one as your main set of tools.


Choose a metric wrench set for maximum efficiency, paying special attention to the sockets.


When dealing with numerous car parts, such an acquisition gives adaptability.


ChrisFix benefited from his individualism as well.


He wears a helmet in most of his videos.


He claims to wear a helmet for privacy, according to various interviews and personal confessions.


While his face has remained hidden, ChrisFix face Reddit exchanges have sparked a slew


of theories about his identity.


Chris was nominated for PASMAG Reader’s Choice Award for Favorite YouTube Channel in 2019


and YouTuber Prestige Award in the Educational category in 2020.


Chris is really active on many other social media networks too.


His account has nearly 630,000 followers on Instagram, with 1,800 posts, most of which features cars.


He has been active on Twitter since November 2013, having around 27,000 followers, where


he tweets at least once a week.


Facebook was one of his first social media platforms and is now followed by more than


125,000 fans all over the world, where he posts something every day.


Tik Tok is another platform where he is followed by 860,000 fans, where he uploads videos featuring


cars and him drifting his mustang.


Chris also runs his own website on which anyone can watch his videos, read about him and his


career, purchase from his store, and contact him for any queries and suggestions.


Relationships Just like family, Chris has always been secretive


about his love life and hasn’t shared any details regarding his present or past relationships.


There are always rumours when you are famous, and one of them is that he is dating the girl


he occasionally features in some of his videos.


Since he hasn’t officially responded to any of these rumours, there are chances that he


is still single as of December 2020.


Lifestyle Chris always loves to travel around and explore places.


He has travelled to many US states by road, and many pictures captured during the trips


are posted on his Instagram account.


Chris Magello is a person who enjoys the beauty of nature and places left unexplored for years


or high peak mountains.


Many times he camps at specific locations.


He is usually a very active person, but he has been seen taking four to five sessions


at the gym every week.


And guess what guys, ChrisFix is also said to be attending a few martial arts sessions.


ChrisFix also finds time to watch movies, which he enjoys a lot.


His favourite actors are Vin Diesel, the late Paul Walker and Al Pacino and his favourite


movies are the franchise “Fast and Furious”, the trilogy “The Godfather”, and “Scarface”.


He is also an animal lover and has a pet dog, which we often see in many of his videos.


Well, the most enticing thing the viewers find about Chris is that he has never shown


his face in any of his pictures or videos, though there are many pictures of him uploaded


on the Internet.


Relax, guys.


He has promised to reveal his face to his fans, and he is getting close to the grand revelation.


We all are surely waiting for him to reach the 10 million mark!


Now time to blast a bomb!


Did ChrisFix die?


Just kidding!


ChrisFix’s death was rumoured to be imminent in 2019.


However, he refuted the rumours by going on with uploading content to his YouTube page.


The death of Turner and CBS ad sales executive Christopher Neilson Fix, often known as Chris


Fix, caused the chaos.


Networth Revenue from YouTube and the website and merchandise,


this 24-year-old has a net worth that has been estimated at over 2.5 million USD as


of December 2020.


But remember this is just an estimate as no one knows exactly how much he earns from all


of his streams of income.


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