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Daily Driven Exotics DDE Net worth, Lifestyle & Biography 2022


These days youtube is brimming with automotive channels which exhibit many luxury cars, automotive history, mechanical knowledge or custom builds.


but not many of them show what it’s like taking an exotic car on a roller coaster ride. This sounds like fun right.


welcome to a new episode of celebrity net worth and lifestyle.


today. we’ll be talking exactly about that type of brand called daily driven exotics.


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let’s get started bio daily driven exotics also known as dde is an entertainment group that is an aspirational lifestyle brand that combines exotic automobiles.


action sports and popular culture it’s an automotive and luxury lifestyle media company founded by canadian entrepreneur

damon fryer in 2012.


 they exhibit their adventures through their youtube channel and other social media platforms twitter snapchat facebook and instagram.


dde is based in victoria british columbia in canada.


daily driven exotics is run by damon fryer and dave coulter damon is an affiliate marketer and supercar owner.


damon grew up in an entrepreneurial and self-employment type of environment.


his parents were in the hospitality industry as they owned and operated a motel with a restaurant and rv park so he was significantly.


influenced by entrepreneurship from a very early age.


this was a significant reason why he dropped out of middle school


moreover he could also find his income.


in 2012. damon also founded a self-clothing brand of the same name


daily driven exotics damon had worked briefly as a sales consultant in a company called the brick from there with a bit of luck.


his mentor introduced him to the world of email


marketing although he’s more known for driving around in his lamborghini gallardo or bmw m3. or making viral youtube videos damien fryer’s full-time. profession is email marketing and he says that there is no doubt that’s his priority from here he quickly started to make thousands of dollars a day by creating commission through leveraging email lists.


and matching those people with relevant products or offers.


he also works with a team that uses them facebook ad platform to deliver ads internationally.


div coulter is a trendy face among the followers of dde.


he serves as chief executive producer of dde.


dave contributes an enormous wealth of experience in social media and content creation acquired over several years working in top positions in the entertainment world.


dave doesn’t have a wealthy family background but that was until he met his current partner damon fryer in 2016. for dave the motivation behind dde was his desire to travel around the world and his craze for supercars.


their youtube channel daily driven exotics was launched in january 2013.


and to date has uploaded a whopping 1149 videos furthermore the channel has also managed to amass 2.85 million subscribers worldwide




which is impressive considering the short period it took.


dde is a unique youtube channel that gives us glimpses into the wealthy lifestyle




much of their popularity is due to their unique auto vlogging.


including reviews racing and stunt vlogs going through their channel


one can find that they always keep their.


fans and subscribers updated with new videos frequently


although the lion’s share of the channel’s content is about supercars and hyper cars.


occasionally it does produce videos about tuners and off-roaders too.


most of the automobile channels on youtube only show exotic cars in


pristine conditions people never get to see a posh guard driven in the rain or driving a 250 000 plus car in the mud true to its name daily driven exotics a significant motive of the channel


is to give car enthusiasts around the world a look into what it will be like to own an exotic car and use it for daily use the good bad and ugly of it that’s precisely the type of content the daily.


driven exotics channel deliver that’s why many videos can be seen where there is an accident a crash or unsurprisingly the occasional


interaction with law enforcement moreover a video showing


the unlawful intimidation of damon by the beverly hills police is the channel’s most popular video.


it has a total of around 22 million views.


this video was posted on the 24th of may 2018.


damon is notoriously known for abusing his lamborghini hurricane and making videos out of it.


in another video he was seen ripping the bumper off an 800 horsepower lambo while doing donuts.


in the snow crazy videos like these are a regular occurrence in the dde


channel most of the videos are often shot at some stunning scenic locations even though most of his videos are produced in high quality they use clickbait titles.


making the videos a bit over dramatized lifestyle


for dave who is always good at entertaining people content creation was always a good bet for him.


now he is an automotive entertainment personality and he feels that he can wake up and do whatever he wants damon fryer’s love for exotic cars is not unknown.


and he owns an extensive range of luxury cars but he’s not a cliched exotic car owner who racks up a large number of luxury cars in his garage instead he believes that cars are built to be driven.


and enjoyed no wonder you see him regularly hooing in his gallardo


in fact gallardo is famous for hisrallies and gymkhana videos damon says that his gallardo gets driven.


just about every day when he has a chance to go to it.


can you believe that this car one of the most favorites of exotic cars


gets driven to and from the bank to the grocery.


the gym out for a cruise or even to a coffee shop someone say it’s pure madness is putting a luxury car to rough usage like this will break the bank but he just loves the reaction.


he gets from people who seem casually driving his expensive cars and quote-unquote normal roads although the maintenance cost is pretty high.


demon says that’s not the end of the world it is very much manageable for him.


damon regularly participates in several exotic car rallies all over north america. among many of his collections another


famous one among his cars is the bmw m3 this car is entirely built in a home garage.


another trend among exotic car owners is to get some cars built rather than buy his m3 was also typical that his dream car built in the way.


 he always wanted this car’s fenders were cut off and replaced with the newest wide body kit by lb performance from japan the wheels of this car are made by per wheels and feature a 20 inch deep dish legacy design.


its exhaust system is the most sought after ever active autowork


race x-pipe and muffler with an ecu tune the suspension is by tc klein racing coil over kit to keep the edc.


the car is also fitted with a bmw performance electronic elen counter


steering wheel which includes multiple features like shift lights water oil temp g-forces lap time quarter mile and more.


coming to his personal life. nothing much has been known about his


family as he prefers to keep it low-key in his private life damon.


married natasha in 2011 and they have three children after


living in vancouver in western canada.


they recently moved to okanagan kelowna the house has eight car garages and a pool and it has a two-story house with a full basement suite and multiple bedrooms.


there’s also a guest room made for dave the new home has enough space to park 30 vehicles on the property besides they have a detachable garage in the new ddhq.


which is attached to the house net worth daily driven exotics has over 2.85 million subscribers and video views of 645 million 228 738 on youtube around 30000 subscribers every month on an average the channel has 650 000 views from different sources.


therefore their monthly income is approximately 96 000 and a yearly income of 1.1 million from ads that appear on the videos alone overall. the youtube channel has a net worth of 1.3 million as of april 2021 youtube content creators in the us uk canada and australia usually get paid three to seven dollars per thousand monetized views


after youtube’s own deductions monetized views are approximately 40 to 80 percent of total views.


all of these are influenced by many factors like the device played on


time of the year ad engagement number of ads being displayed on the video.


how many people skip ads ad inventory type of content.


the location of the viewer etc the cost of an ad view depends upon an auction between advertisers based on views damon fryer has a net worth of 2.6 million dollars owing to his career as a successful entrepreneur and marketing skills as mentioned earlier of this 2.6 million. nearly 1.3 comes from the youtube channel of dde.


he is one of the living examples of turning passion into profit moreover he also earns from various sponsorship deals promoting products like asphalt 9 omaze etc.


the daily driven exotics brand also has an online merch store that offers official dde t-shirts hoodies jet tags hats and many other products.


we’ve reached the end of today’s video.


 how impressed were you by daily driven exotics bio.


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