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Dump The Baggage: How To Get Over Any Breakup

He abandoned you. He threw you away as if he never even loved you. And the worst part? How little he cared after. How unemotional he was. How okay he seemed with everything.

I get how horrible it feels when you honestly think you are in love with someone… and then all of sudden, out of nowhere, they pull the rug from beneath you. They stick a knife in your heart with such intensity you can’t even describe the pain anymore. It’s all too much. It’s too overwhelming.

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Your life might seem meaningless. Or bleak.

One thing that drove me crazy after the worst break up of my life (with a girl I really was in love with and could not imagine life without)… was when people would say “time will heal this. I know it seems impossible to get over right now, but I promise it’ll be okay.”

No it doesn’t work like that, I’d think to myself… well… I do have to say… there are actually some ways to get over your ex without all the agony and despair with this foolproof technique to walking away without looking back.

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One Door Closes, Another One Opens

Even though it sucks, every breakup is an opportunity for learning and growth.

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You may have known that your relationship had run its course, but it’s a much different feeling when it’s finally over. You may have thought it would be easy but life after a breakup means a change in your day-to-day life.

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Usually you’d prefer to be the one doing the breaking up instead of being on the other end of that conversation. But it doesn’t always work out that way.

How To Get Over A Breakup

You may feel the intense need to find closure with your ex, but when the relationship is over, you’re your own best source of closure. Whether you can be friends again at some point or not, it’s best to take some time apart. This way you can collect yourself and come out of the breakup stronger, smarter and happier than ever before. The end of the relationship is an opportunity to meet someone who is better for you. I know that can seem like it’s a long way off but with this technique you’ll be smiling in no time.

how to get over a breakup

Plus, now you have more experience in relationships. You know more about what you do want in a partner and what you could live without. You’ll make better decisions that will make you much happier.

Stop Moping And Move On

The trick is to take the breakup at face value and get off the couch.

This breakup is real. It’s not a temporary situation. Sure, there is a chance that things could change and you’ll get back together. If it’s going to happen, it will happen. Don’t put all your time and energy into making it happen.

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You’ll make yourself miserable trying to scheme and plot to get him back into your life. In the meantime, you’ll close yourself off to better possibilities.

Part of taking the break up seriously is cutting off communication with your ex, at least for now. You are never going to be able to clear your head if his words are still running through it.

Get Some Quality “You” Time

The most important thing to do after a breakup is focus on yourself.

Hang out with your friends. Spend time doing what you love. Spend time alone. Pamper yourself by finally doing the things you’ve been holding yourself back from. Take that trip you always wanted to take. Sign up for that class you’ve been meaning to try.

The worst thing you can do is sit in front of the TV feeling sorry for yourself, playing the same sad mantra over and over in your head: I’ll never meet anyone.

A few days to mope around is fine, but then you have to get out there and live your life.

Time doesn’t stop because your relationship has ended. And the best way to move on from the life you have been living is to establish a new and improved life.

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