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Eamonn Fitzgerald age 29 was born in Canada on 29th of october 1991.


He’s a famous web star. He has another important person with the name of Rebecca moroney.


The birthplace of Rebecca Maroney is Canada on the 29th of june 1990.


on her channel she has accumulated more than 340 000 members


The net value or income of Rebecca Moroney is estimated to range from 1 million dollars to 5 million.


Her primary career as a youtube star has gained so much wealth.


The Canadian couple has expanded its youtube channel with van life and mini school home videos on eamon and beck.


Their first video was a tour vlog from the north and south islands in New Zealand by the camper.


they made videos on youtube in apri 2014.


to date van tour videos are the most popular videos on their channel the pair finished their first half million subscribers successfully in april 2020.


also eamon is a certified scuba diver fitness and training videos from another channel called eamon back plus are also uploaded.


They are hilarious people who inspire a lot of people to follow their dreams.


They have developed a brand system tha is professionalized, consistent and cohesive on all their platforms.


In recent years the company created a great number of other advertising materials.


like t-shirts, gif stickers for instagram stories, a digital vegan cookbook, the sales and layout guide for lightroom.


and several youtube video entertainment originally.


They moved into a van and expanded their tea business across Canada starting in 2015. the greater the number of people who shared their lives on the internet.


the greater the number of people who started tuning in they were therefore.


able to go abroad and were fortunate enough for them to travel through the usa and mexico twice.


they shipped their van from halifax to liverpool last year to begin their


European van life adventures since spring.


the toronto couple has been traveling for thousands of kilometers acros canada in a converted cargo van from the snow-covered squamish mountains.


to prince edward county beaches their vision frequently changes among the thousands that took. van life are moroni 27 and fitzgerald this is one of the most sought after lifestyles in social media with more than 10 million posts on the hashtag van life and instagram photo sharing app.  today’s van lifers are not squatters or woodstock hippies off the grid driveways in the 1960s.


These millennial hikers and digital nomads are highly involved, most of them freelance writers and businessmen, Apple’s hybrid for the renewal of hgtv.


shows blogs of the festival-style coachella and stories of the dragons

Some adopt the lifestyle as an option to pay high rent while others see it. as the next step in the minimalist movement of little houses but even those like the old toronto blue.


Jays pitcher Daniel norris. who can afford spacious brick and mortar


housing has taken over hashtag van life for fitzgerald and maroney living on wheels was the way around the booming rentals in toronto.


and it allowed them to expand their business chawala in march. Fitzgerald who had followed the van life hashtag for months.


was giving a post for a 2008 13 500 mercedes-benz sprinter van for sale in an apartment near trinity bellwood park for a rental fee of a month. Their company locked more customers in Ontario and thought a car would allow them to expand beyond the province.


they spent a month and 11 000 to renovate the interior of kijiji


mainly with discounted articles such as wood recycled and the italian subway tile.


the walls and ceiling have been insulated and tiled and a folding table


futon bed and sofa bed have been fitted with a kid an armchair and a counter and a stovetop with a sink and three 19 liter freshwater tanks are connected to the table.


solar panels installed on the roof are the most expensive items


for five months they dodged cooked vegan meals.


and showered in yoga studios that allowed trial passes from new brunswick to bc.


they used washrooms in cafes restaurant gyms and various public facilities call us happy but you’re not your.


people’s pee in the center of the night maroney chooks and they parked wherever they could find a peaceful place some paying campsites but usually for free in the proximity of beaches guest cafes small towns on side streets.


and parking lots on walmart although some van lifers are nervous


from unauthorized parking which is called the stealth campsite


moroni and fitzgerald have no problems with it.


since the van doubled like home and office the couple can pay most of their regular expenditures.


their monthly charges include 60 for the internet 100 for the insurance company and 2 to 500 for the gas industry.


the couple also makes money from their social media content like many van lifers.


they raised five hundred dollars in september on their 21 000 subscriber youtube channel and will soon enter the instagram supported postal market.


even and back have a subscriber count of around 816 000 on their channel.


with views of 86 million on their 294 videos to date.


their current net worth is 32 and a half to 195 000. their estimated earning in seven days is 376.


in the last 30 days it’s 429 and in the last 90 days it’s 9.42 000.


approximately they make 1.12 pe thousand views.


most recently the coronavirus pandemic has been in morocco for the winter.


they chronicled a video sharing on their youtube iman and back channel at the end of march and were confident that they made the

right decision on the day they reached the airport.


at the start of the clip they acknowledged that they were awakened.


every morning bombarded with information about the spread of the coronavirus at the moment beck said that her mai concern was the cancellation of all canadian flights.


she feared that they would be stuck in morocco without any resources if they didn’t act immediately the beach was essentially isolated from eamonn beck and lee but they had to drive to tamara tesdane because of the lack of produce and water during most shops they found a small shop selling products.


and they noted that some people had masks on their faces


on the 20th of march canadian prime


minister justin trudeau announced that air canada is sending a rescue plane to morocco to rescue canadians.


but the passengers would be required t repay a seat at the commercial airport with a hundred and seventy two dollar plus tax ticket.


the best case scenario was that they return in two months in morocco to pick up their van beck explained the worst thing would be if they had not spoken the word or had their community support back home.


the three understandably panicked when they heard that the aircraft had 450 seats but 4 500 canadians tried to get home.


they never received a flight email to make matters worse fortunately one friend of a friend sent the email and eman insisted that their flights be booked as soon as possible.


they found a place for 40 uae durham 10.89 a day and spent their last few moments.


in morocco giving away their food and ridding their vehicles of water and devastation the airport was packed with people trying to get flight tickets.


and they were fortunate to make the decision they received an email saying that their insurance company wouldn’t cover them anymore if they remained outside of canada just before their flight.


they boarded a second flight into toronto once they returned to canada and spent the night in montreal eamon and beck said they would stay with lee.


At their parents house for two weeks in quarantine.


they joked that they’re not yet a thunderstorm but conspiracy theories are present beck noted that they would remain in their cellar separated from the parents of lee to protect them.


the video finished with a toast to their new provisional house in the basement which had food and sanitary facilities for use eamonn and beck left lee and started their next adventure after two weeks in quarantine.


the building of a minuscule home with this we come to the end of the video


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