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Ever Wonder How Much Tyler Makes on Hoovies Garage?

They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, that a person can see the beauty behind imperfections,


cracks, dents, age, and rust!


Wait, what?




Well, for the eyes of Tyler “Hoovies” Hoover, a car’s worth is definitely seen through its


potential, rather than its current state, or even price!


In Tyler’s youtube channel “Hoovies Garage,” you can see cars that were once cheap and


old transforms into beautifully restored cars.


If you have seen their videos, you will definitely agree with me as the cars always end majestic!


Let us know more about Tyler Hoover, in today’s video, Hoovies Garage Biography, Lifestyle,


and Net Worth.

Remember that car restoration show on TV that always surprises us with the car s amazing




Do you remember those times that you got hooked on watching people fix stuff on YouTube or




That s what Hoovies Garage is all about.


They can get you hooked up as Tyler Hoover tries to restore old, used, and damaged cars


to look brand new.


But how did Tyler Hoover reach this far?


Let’s have an in-depth look at his life!


You are reading: Ever Wonder How Much Tyler Makes on Hoovies Garage?

Tyler Hoover s Biography

Tyler Hoover, currently 34 years old, was born in 1987 in Wichita, Kansas, USA.


He is a popular YouTuber who buys, restores, and sells cars.


But unlike other YouTuber who just established their channels for business purposes, Tyler’s


channel was made up of his passion since he was a kid.


Now, Tyler is living his dream life.


As a young boy spending his time in Wichita, Tyler owned around 100 model cars.


This shows Tyler’s interest and passion for automotive at a young age.


Tyler graduated from Andover High School in 2005 and continued his education at Wichita


State University.


He was majoring in political science and government.


While studying, he worked as a car salesman for several car dealerships such as Cadillac,


Chevrolet, and BMW.


The good thing with Tyler is that he managed to keep in touch with his passion despite


having a different major.


Then in 2010, he graduated and quickly established his car dealership.


He proudly called this “Ad Astra Automotive,” which aimed to search for good quality cars


at auctions, acquire those, and resell them for profit.


His business was doing good until he decided to expand, and due to reconditioning costs


issues, the firm became unprofitable.


He decided to close it in January 2015.


Tyler then bounced back and started working for FFC Midwest as opening coordinator and


operations support.


In this job, he was able to go on local television promoting new Freddy’s locations around the




Though he loved the job, Tyler’s passion for automotive still goes noticeable like an itch


until he couldn’t take it anymore.


So he took a part-time job as a writer at a website mainly for car buyers and sellers


called AutoTrader, aside from writing for Jalopnik.


At this time, we could now see the birth of his YouTube channel as “Hoovie s Garage.”


It was finally created on September 8, 2016, right after quitting his job at the FFC Midwest.


It was not his intention to create YouTube videos, but because AutoTrader requested him


make one, he took the risk.


The only catch in this channel is Tyler had the freedom to talk about cars and relay his


passion and love for automotive to his viewers and car enthusiasts.


After a couple of videos, he got the hang of it.


In 2019, he married his Vietnamese wife Quynh Anh Hoover, whom he fell in love with from


the first day they met at an Asian buffet restaurant, officially tying the knot long


after their daughter was born in 2011.


They added a cute baby boy to the family right after.


Tyler s Lifestyle


For those who love cars and, at the same time, really like to watch YouTube, you may have


come across “Hoovie’s Garage,” which is clearly popular as it has 1.31 million subscribers


at the moment.


There are over 450 video uploads on this channel and an overall total of 300 million views.


Hoovie’s Garage is a channel that focuses on automotive, especially in revamping cheap


cars into gorgeous ones, which he calls “The Hoopties Fleet.”


His very cool and amazing transformations include repairing a broken Mercedes S600 V12,


which was bought for 4500 dollars only.


But Tyler s total investment reached up to approximately $13,000 to restore the car.


But that s okay.


He might have cashed out a huge amount of money, but the restoration video that he made


garnered over 5.4 million views.


Another video that brought his channel to fame was when he compared Hyundai and Rolls


Royce stating his opinion on which one is more luxurious.


This video was viewed over 4.9 million times.


Added to the list of his most viewed videos is his stolen Mercedes ML55.


It was uploaded in 2017 and has collected 3.9 million since then.


Even though this is already considered a loss on Tyler’s part, he still earns out of it,


increasing the channel’s number of views.


It is also reported that as of October 2021, his channel had 4.27 million views for the


past 30 days.


But aside from restoring cars, his channel also shows the whole process involved in his


craft, from sourcing, buying it from auctions, and repairing the cars with his mechanic,


“The Car Wizard.”


Tyler also shares some insights about cars, explaining each pro and cons to his viewers


in a very fun and entertaining way.


This explains why many people say that he is so goofy and fun, but at the same time,


very genuine and passionate.


Through the years, the channel grew larger and larger, garnering millions and millions


of views and viewers enjoying the content he truly is passionate about.


But what makes Tyler so passionate about what he does?


Well, as one can tell, restoring and customizing a car and making it look better cause a hefty


amount of money.


This is what happened to Tyler back in 2017.


He was losing a lot of it.


But Tyler, being the man he is, showed that he is not concerned about what he can make


or lose.


It is his passion and the love of cars that keep him and his channel going.


Tyler then became a personality in YouTube, especially in the automotive category.


His channel continuously grew as well as his passion and attitude towards his profession.


He even managed to get some involvement in TV shows, including “Car Issues” that aired


on June 8, 2019, on the FYI channel, “Jay Leno’s Garage” in 2019, “Captain’s Log” in


2020, and “Car Trek” in 2020.


But just like any other success story, Tyler faced challenges, too.


Challenges, problems, and losses will always be there.


Tyler included stolen cars, botched auction deals, massive losses, and cars that wouldn’t


even start.


But because his job is his passion, he continued doing what his heart desired until he had


risen to the occasion and soon made six figures in YouTube ad revenues and partnerships.


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Tyler Hoover’s net worth!


Now, let’s move on Tyler Hoover’s net worth!


Tyler s Net Worth Tyler is a licensed car dealer, which means


he could buy and sell a lot more cars than usual, or what an average person would.


This allows him to profit in doing so, especially now that he had already sold more than a hundred




He also owns 17 vehicles, including a 1951 Ford Country Squire, a 1966 Ford Mustang,


and a couple of Mercedes.


And of course, there’s his YouTube channel, which is estimated to gain $150,000 – $200,000




He also acquires money from his restoration services.


As of 2021, an estimation reveals that Tyler Hoover’s net worth amounts to 2 Million dollars.


However, some factors are not considered here, like the losses in income, debts, mortgage,


and expensive cars and repairs rooted in his passion’s nature.


And if we consider all these, the forecasted amount is just around $800,000.


Nevertheless, Tyler Hoover remains one of the famous names in YouTube’s automotive category,


with a million fans supporting his content.


With his ability and skills, accompanied by a very creative mind and eyes that see potential,


Tyler became successful in his craft while sharing his passion.


And beyond the screens of failures and challenges, Tyler is living the dream.


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