Helpful Dog Cannot Wait To Wake His Favorite Humans Every Morning

Louie looks forward to the dawn each morning. The 8-month-old miniature Australian shepherd adores waking up his favorite guys for school, which is a crucial task for him.

And if you ask Louie’s parents, the morning rush is much less chaotic and thrilling.

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“The routine began about two months ago,” Chadd Morabito said, Louie’s dad. “My boys, ages 3 and 5, have a sound machine timer, and when it goes off it means it’s time to start waking up — but they don’t pay attention to it.”

Louie is attentive and instantly recognized the sound as waking up time.

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“Now every morning [he] will run to their door the second their sound machine goes off to give kisses and say good morning,” Morabito said.

“Jude, on the top bunk, does not care for it too much,” Morabito added. “But Dylan, my youngest on the bottom, absolutely loves it and looks forward to it!”


Bear, the older brother of Louie, comes along for support but stays out of the early morning fun.

Here is how Louie wakes up his favorite kids:

Louie takes his role as the unofficial alarm very seriously.

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Apart from waking up his favorite people, Louie has additional peculiarities. His expertise is in attracting attention.

“If you have your phone open, he will squeeze between you and your screen to give kisses,” Morabito said. “He will bark at you if you don’t say hi to him constantly. My wife and I are interrupted quite frequently during conversation to say hello to him.”


Morabito does not mind the eccentricities of the lively shepherd, who also enjoys being cradled like a baby and jumping on the trampoline with the youngsters.

“Louie has genuinely brought me so much happiness,” Morabito said. “He is so attentive to our needs and is always there to brighten up my boys’ and my day.”

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