Hiker Finds Dying Dog With Bullet Wounds, Carried Him For An Hour To Find Help



For an hour, the woman trekked down the stony mountains, bearing the 47-pound form of the expiring Pit Bull in her arms. She was fatigued, yet she persevered.

A woman named Andi Davis embarked on one of her hiking excursions in Phoenix, Arizona, when she discovered a 2-year-old Pit Bull lying half-dead on a rock. She was dismayed to discern that he had numerous bullet wounds and was also hemorrhaging heavily.



Andi provided him some water, but she comprehended he was scarcely alive. So she grasped him in her arms and hastened down the slopes. She strenuously lugged the 47-pound canine for an hour, hoping he would endure.


Andi conveyed the Pit Bull to the Arizona Humane Society for initial treatment. The veterinarians treated the animal’s open wound in the abdominal area as well as extracted gunshot fragments from his neck and spine. Andi was by his side, imploring him to vanquish and survive.


Owing to Andi’s valor, the Pit Bull ultimately prevailed! Andi designated him Elijah and also chose to take him home with her. Elijah recuperated promptly due to the fact that he was lavished with affection and care in his new domicile.


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