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How does Primitive Survival Make Money?

Primitive Survival Tool, how do they make their money


You are reading:: How does Primitive Survival Make Money?

Welcome to the channel, in todays episode we will go over how Primitive Survival Tool


make their income!


If you thought that creating remarkable buildings and structures can only be built using modern


technologies, well you are wrong!


If you ve ever come across these talented men from Primitive Survival Tool channel,


then you know what I m talking about.


You are reading: How does Primitive Survival Make Money?



There are only three of men making these incredible builds that are featured on their channel


Mr. Pen Sann, Mr. Sophal and finally the camera man, Mr. Kimhout and they are absolutely taking


over youtube!!


These guys surprise everyone by creating swimming pools or even jungle villas using only primitive


tools and their hands!


These guys created all the tools they needed from the bounty of the natural world around


them and they are full of amazing and creative ideas.


You definitely won t get bored watching this channel, because they show the entire process


from the first step (digging the ground) to the last step (having fun and enjoying their


work result).


And actually, THE RESULT is what will surprise you the most!




Well, because you hardly expect to see an absolutely luxurious swimming pool when it


is built with primitive tools.


Primitive Survival Tool channel has been making waves on the internet showing people their


wholly unique and creative content of building in the wild with primitive tools only.


They live in the wild almost every day to create content for their channel.


Currently, the Primitive Survival Tool channel has over 5,8 million subscribers and millions


of views.


But why is this content so interesting to people?


Probably, one of the main reasons is that it is really unusual to see someone using


jungle survival skills, which probably was pretty common just a few decades ago, in the


digital age.


This is definitely an unusual content for the 21st century and that is why these guys


are crushing it.


We have cognitive dissonance when we see the thumbnails of this channel and we know that


all these beautiful buildings and structures were made by primitive tools only!


It is really difficult to imagine that all these things adorable villas and swimming


pools they were not made with heavy machines or modern tools.


No matter which video you start watching, each of them will surprise you.


You will see two shirtless and shoeless builders in the wild, chipping away at the earth until


they ve created an impossibly elaborate miniature water park, maze, or paradise villa.


And that is why this is a killer content!


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Watching these guys build something is a unique type of content that will take you down a


rabbit hole!


It’s really addictive.


Even though it looks so easy when the guys are building something, each video requires


a hard work, and some projects take from 15 to 30 days to be finished.


Not to mention, the professional videography and editing skills, and you can only wonder


how much effort is spent on these videos for our enjoyment.


These guys are so hardworking!


Moreover, the channel has a huge aim to help people learn to build things in the wild.


The channel s description says: ‘We make videos about building things in the wild […] so


others can learn too.’


They also mention in the channel description that they are so happy to receive their viewers


support, so they can improve their skills and create even more useful and interesting




They also have a website https://www.patreon.com/Primitive_SurvivalTool where you can support the channel by donation.


You can select your membership level ($5 per month or $20 per month) and become an active


participant in their creative process.


As a member, you receive exclusive content, community access, behind-the-scenes updates,


and the pride of fueling work that matters to you.


Well, this is such a great idea for creative YouTubers as fans can show their love and


support beloved creators!


But it looks like they are just getting started on this website because there isn’t much support


can be seen.


Well, we are so glad you are still watching our video!


I think this is a great time to hit the like button, right?


Thanks a lot!


We appreciate it so much.


Maybe these guys are using only primitive tools, but the buildings and structures they


build and create are far from primitive.


Just take a look at this two-story villa with private living room and swimming pool or at


this underground private living room with underground luxury swimming pool!


All these things were built only with primitive tools and this is so incredible.


Unfortunately, there s no public information about their everyday life, but they have a


really funny Q and A added to their videos description.


It read: Q: Do you live in the wild every day?


A: Yes!


But I don’t live in the wild everyday but just go into the bush to make these projects


when finish one project we back house.


Thank you.


Q: Why do you have camera?


A: I have a camera because I live in the 21st century, I am not the primitive man


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Well, it seems like people are really asking them 24/7 these two questions and the guys


are really tired of repeating the same answer every time.


Let s move on to the channel s net worth.


Before we do, be sure to smash the subscribe button and comment down below I subbed for


your chance to win our monthly shoutout giveaway Let s jump into it!


The channel is registered in Singapore since 2015 and there are over 155 videos posted.


Their videos are earning millions of views, sometimes a million a day and making hundreds


of thousands of dollars a month in ad revenue.


This is incredible, but the channel has over 804 million views in total!


This is a total wow , because one of their videos (titled Building Two Story Villa with


Private Underground Living Room and Swimming Pool ), has been viewed 44 million times!


Moreover, this is almost 30-minutes video and it seems like people really loved this




No wonder, because this is really one of the greatest videos on their channel.


And trust me, the result is so incredible that you really start wondering how is it


possible to build something like this with primitive tools!


Another video, titled Building the Most Creative Luxury Villa and Decoration Private Living


Room as earned over 41 million views!


Still hesitating to watch check on this channel or not?


Well, here are a few people s comments that will take away all doubts from you.


One person commented: I ve seen from the beginning to the end very nice performances, I d like


to have a house like that simple yet elegant, very cool house, I loved it . Another person


commented: Real engineers who have constructed fantastic, cozy, nature friendly house with


their own hands.


They have no college degree but they have inherent talent in them .


According to multiple sources, they estimated over $4.21 million, but it may truly be higher


than that, it is really difficult to say for sure.


We are not an official source or paparazzi, so the numbers can be not 100% accurate.


If you take a look at some YouTube statistics websites, it is read that the Primitive Survival


Tool YouTube channel can get more than 585.35 thousand views and more than $700 every day.


It can be seen that they post 2-3 videos per month and their fanbase is growing really




The guys are posting really unique content and there are so many new subscribers every




However, Primitive Survival Tool channel is not the only channel that creates the same




Currently, there are a few channels who do approximately the same but Primitive Survival


Tool channel considers to be one of the first one who started sharing their unique ideas


with the world.


Be sure to check out this video here!


Until then, see you next time!


Source: https://cqha.net
Category: Net Worth


Source: https://cqha.net
Category: Net Worth

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