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How much does APRIL WILKERSON make on youtube?


welcome back to another episode of celebrity net worth and lifestyle.

in this video, we’ll be talking about april wilkerson a popular youtuber who specializes in woodwork diy.


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without further ado let’s get started april wilkerson might just have become a common household name for those who enjoy doing woodworking and metalworking by themselves.


You Are Reading: How much does APRIL WILKERSON make on youtube?

Early Life


she is a famous american youtuber whose channel is mainly dedicated to making do-it-yourself video projects.


that deal with wood and metal around the home she has become a darling to so many over the span of her youtube career. she is known not only for her innovative woodwork.


but also for her extremely charming personality.


she is known for being extremely


passionate about building anything she possibly can.


she enjoys challenges and encourages her viewers to do the same


and the best part of it all is that she teaches them exactly how to build the way she builds.


april wilkerson is a business management graduate from the university of texas yet. she does something extremely different from her career line.


she was in fact some of the very few people who started a youtube channel back in the day. when youtube was just getting popular but most importantly there weren’t many youtubers. who made videos about woodwork.


which is what helped her stand out.


because she gave people what they needed as soon as she graduated. she started working on small projects such as


building diy desks chairs or wall-hanging to improve her house.


it actually started when she hired a contractor to build her a new pantry in her kitchen.


and they charged her a massive thousand dollars.


just to build a tiny pantry she of course decided to take things into her


own hands.


something to make measurements something to cut with and something to join. this believe is what she worked with she started with three basic tools.


a jigsaw a power drill and some discount lumber and build a pantry all by herself.


and she was a beginner too she didn’t know much about woodwork either granted this took more time and effort than if she had hired a contractor.


but the cost was reduced by more than half and that in itself was a huge win.


she had just moved into a new house with her husband and this meant that they had a long to do list of home improvement projects.


and apparently she was so good at it they decided to post about their home.




improvement projects on her blog in february 2013 here. she would post written tutorials.


the blog eventually led her to creating youtube videos about the same


her youtube channel previous called wilker’s dues presently has 1.35 million subscribers.


however. she now has renamed it to april wilkerson.


her youtube videos explained in very detail the entire process involved in how she built things.


and the best part about her channel was how innovatively and creatively she took something as simple as a whiskey bottle and made it into a holiday decoration the viewers found her videos to be very doable.


because they resonated with them in how real and practical they were


april’s youtube channel was genuine. she posted about the same things that she was making for her own house.


so of course it was going to be real and authentic. it was made from things that you would find lying around one’s house.

this is probably what increased her.


viewer ratings but also she put herself down to the level of her viewers.


she never called herself an expert and always referred to herself as a newcomer and teacher.


who wanted to share her learning with the rest of the world this made her appear to be compassionate and kind.


her projects mainly involved woodworking


she’s built many things such as a planter.


a coffee table a pressurized outdoor airline between shops an outdoor shower and even a porch.


pretty interesting list right over the years as her channel grew. she


started gaining sponsorship as well the sponsors would send her tools and equipment to promote their product on her channel.


another very interesting fact about her is that despite her massive fame.


she still completes many of her pieces in her 3 000 square foot workshop.


thanks to her impressive following on social media it landed her as the coast of a popular.


series assembly required the show premieres on history and she hosts kingside the very popular.


and charming tim allen and richard come on this show each of them do-it-yourself.


experts take part in two rounds of building challenges.


what makes it interesting and thrilling is that the five thousand dollar prize at stake but wait there’s more right before the second round.


april secretly sabotages a key item in the kit sent to the contestants.


this makes it a requirement for the contestants to diagnose and repair the problem.


in order to complete their bills the show has gotten quite a few good reviews and is doing pretty well.


however it is not even as close to the response april receives on her youtube channel.


coming to april’s personal life she was born on october 3rd 1987 in texas which means her zodiac sign is libra.


from what we see about her on our youtube channel.


do you think she lives up to the libra standards she was raised around the south texas coast.


she appears to be extremely close to both her parents in 2011 she revealed that she spends an entire sunday playing golf with her dad.


and she dedicated an entire instagram post wishing her mom a happy birthday april is married to the love of her life cody. he is an engineering degree holder not much is known about the two other than the bits where cody makes an appearance in april’s videos.


but they do have a reputation of being a very happy couple who appeared to be very much in love.


in one of april’s interviews when asked if they would have kids april made the statement.


we won’t have kids for another few years from which we can obviously conclude¬† that they won’t have any kids anytime.


soon however very recently the media has speculated that the very sweet couple probably divorced some time ago.


april stopped wearing her ring and no longer mentions cody in her youtube videos.


this definitely can’t be said for sure but we couldn’t help make an assumption april has avoided any and all questions.


regarding this the youtube comments that have been


questioning what happened to cody have all been


left unanswered by the youtuber. this is what gave space for

assumptions because after all who doesn’t love a little gossip


april was just another girl trying to make her dream home on a budget like many of us.


and this is probably what attracted her huge viewership along with the fact that she gave the community exactly what it was lacking.


there are so many different types of videos on the internet to cater to


almost every need but when april started her channel there.


were very few youtubers who produced quality content about woodwork and that’s what gave her the people’s attention the average youtube pat rate lies.


between one penny and three pennies for an ad view.


this evidently means that for every one thousand video views a youtuber can make around one to three dollars. how crazy is that you get paid solid money for making videos on the internet.


the world really has changed for the better according to a certain forbes estimate.


for top talent a youtuber can make about five dollars for every thousand views.


this means that april with a subscribership of 1.3 million subscribers.


definitely makes a crazy amount with their woodwork videos.


this is because the greater the subscriber count the higher the chances.


that your video will get viewed april has been and is very popular in


the youtube scene.


she also co-hosts a few tv series so she does make quite a heavy income but that’s the thing about april. she does not appear to be someone who makes such a hefty amount from her work.


she wears the simplest clothes her social media pages are all filled with majorly her work.


then with her flexing her luxurious lifestyle and she does not do that many sponsored videos either.


she keeps her content as authentic as it can get she’s probably one of the most humble and down-to-earth youtubers to ever.


exist that probably sounds a little bit of a stretch to say but


what more do we tell you she’s a woman.


who showcases her passion and nothing more or less.


this is why it really does appear to be


fair that someone like her is making so much money because at the end of the day she’s sharing her passion and teaching.


strangers how to do the same some could even call this a noble act of




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