How To Delete In Procreate? [Solved] 2022

How do you delete things on Procreate?

There are a few ways to delete things on Procreate. You can use the trash can on the right side of your screen, or you can use the pen tool and select the item you want to delete.

How do you select and delete in Procreate?

There are a few ways to select and delete in Procreate:
-Click and drag to select multiple objects.
-Use the selection tool (the crosshair cursor).
-Use the keyboard shortcuts Command+D or Control+D.
-Use the “Delete” button on the toolbar.

How do you undo or delete in Procreate?

There are a few ways to delete in Procreate:
-Select the object you want to delete and press the Delete key (or use the keyboard shortcut).
-Press the Control (Command) key and click on the object you want to delete.
-Use the cursor keys to select the object you want to delete, then press Delete.

How do I delete an image in Procreate?

In Procreate, go to the image you want to delete and select Edit. In the General tab, uncheck the box next to Use Image File. Then click Delete.

How do you delete fast in Procreate?

There are a few ways to delete in Procreate. The easiest way is to use the “Delete” button on the toolbar. You can also use the “Delete Selected” command on the Edit menu. Finally, you can use the keyboard shortcut “Command-D”.

Can you fill erase on Procreate?

There is no eraser on Procreate, unfortunately.

How do you delete text in Procreate?

There are a few ways to delete text in Procreate. You can use the erase tool, the select tool, or the delete key.

How do I select a specific part of Procreate?

There are a few ways to select a specific part of Procreate:
-Select the tool you want to use from the toolbar at the top of the screen.
-Click and drag on the canvas to select a region.
-Select an object by clicking on it.
-Press “Ctrl + A” (or “Command + A”) to select all objects in the current layer.

How do you select and delete a color in Procreate?

To select a color in Procreate, first, make sure that you have the Brush tool selected. Next, click on the color you want to select. You will see a selection rectangle around the color. To delete the color, click on the selection rectangle and drag it to the trash can located at the bottom of the window.

What can I do in Procreate?

There are a few things you can do in Procreate, including importing artwork from other programs, creating new art, and exporting your work. You can also use Procreate to create 3D models and animations.

Is Procreate now free?

No, Procreate is not currently free. However, it does have a limited-time offer available that can be found here.

How much does Procreate cost in total?

Procreate costs $60/year for a single user and $120/year for a family plan.

Is Procreate a good app?

Procreate is a great app for creating and sharing artwork with others. The app is easy to use and the results are always beautiful.

Is Procreate better than Photoshop?

There are a lot of great photo editing programs out there, so it really depends on what you’re looking for. Photoshop is definitely a more powerful program, but Procreate has some great features that may be appealing to some people. For example, Procreate has a built-in painting tool that can create some beautiful artwork. Both programs have their pros and cons, so it really comes down to what you’re looking for in a photo editor.

Is Adobe Illustrator better than Procreate?

Adobe Illustrator is a more expensive program, but it has a lot of features that Procreate doesn’t. For example, Illustrator can create vector illustrations, while Procreate is limited to raster images. Additionally, Illustrator has a lot of built-in tools for drawing and designing logos, while Procreate doesn’t have as many. Overall, Illustrator is better if you are looking for a more comprehensive design toolkit.

Can I make money using Procreate?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the profitability of making money using Procreate will vary depending on your skill level and experience. However, some tips to increase your chances of making money with Procreate include creating high-quality artwork, selling digital downloads, and offering consulting services.

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