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Living Big in a Tiny House Net Worth


What is Living Big in a Tiny House’s Net Worth?




Living Big in a Tiny House is a youtube channel wherein the owner travels worldwide trying to find out the best tiny houses in the globe.


Living Big In A Tiny House is a youtube channel run by Bryce Langston, who has a significant fan following and more than 4 million subscribers from around the world for his youtube channel.


Bryce spends most of his time travelling to different places and meeting other people, who own tiny houses and discovers their story behind the tiny home.


The small and compact building with built-in small plot areas gives us a more appealing way to live our life more environmentally friendly, sustainably and provides intelligent and energy-efficient housing facilities at lower cost freeing people from long term debts and long term investment stress.


Surprisingly, he’s pretty tall—about 6’4″—but he does reside in a tiny house and is passionate about travelling the world to find all the alternative ways you can live in a smaller footprint.


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The youtube channel was initially started in 2013. It is a New Zealand based youtube channel.


The track gained immense popularity and gained a lot of attention from around the world. Attracting approximately more than 4.5 million subscribers and 7.85 million views a month, the owner makes considerable cash from the channel.


The channel Living Big in a tiny house, as mentioned, has around 4.5 million subscribers on youtube as of the year 2021 and has gained over 700 million views to date.


With an average of 3,50,000 views per month and approximately around 7.85 million views a month.


Bryce Langston’s lifestyle.


Just like every average person on the planet, Bryce also has fundamental expectations from his home.


When asked by an interviewer what his notions are about home, he replied that a home is a place to him where he can entirely just be himself with the people he loves and sheltered from the weather.


He has a girlfriend who is also a photographer- Resa Pescud-is also a great companion for him as she supported him throughout the tiny house movement.


She is a bit camera shy, and is rarely seen in front of the camera.


Resa does all of the video editing and photography for the show.

When asked how difficult it was to find a girl who wanted to live in a tiny house, he answered that neither Resa nor him were materialistic, and both of them loved using up their money on travelling the world and doing things that they love.


He further went on and said they don’t own any property.


They rent a room in a house with four other people, so in a way, their tiny house will be a larger space for them.


Bryce Langston is a minimalist, permaculturalist, documentary maker, actor and musician who is a leading voice in New Zealand’s tiny house movement.


Bryce is mostly travelling around the world, witnessing numerous wonderful tiny houses. He also built himself a tiny house on wheels in Auckland, New Zealand. His tiny house has a solar panel of 1.2 k watt along with a functional rainwater harvesting system.


The house has an off-grid system with an outside shower area.

The home also has a Seed of Life pattern imprinted in many places as the couple like the concept of the seed of life.


It took Bryce five years to complete his 160 sq. ft. tiny home.

He took out time to complete his own beautiful little house in between his trips around the planets in search of stories behind incredible tiny houses that people live in.


In his channel he also records and films people living in such dwellings and their lifestyle. With a wanderlust attitude, he mostly travels with his better half, who happens to be his camera person, photographer, and video editor.


They save up their income and contribute to the tiny house movement, which aims to have a sustainable future with the equipartition of resources for the present and upcoming generations.


They also save up for buying plots and lands where they can potentially have their tiny houses parked. 


Bryce also wrote a book called “Living Big in a Tiny House: Exploring Small-space Design Projects from New Zealand and Around the World”, which deals with all the tiny house project details that he has come across during his journey in the past five years.


As in his youtube channel, he celebrates the diversity of tiny houses in the book as well.


He has also explored many innovative solutions that tiny house builders have developed to help other people who have plans to build tiny sustainable homes in the future.


Bryce, with his wife, is now a leading voice for the movement and is encouraging his fan following to adopt these practices for a better tomorrow.


Youtube content creators who are typically based from countries like the UK, US, Australia, etc. get paid around 2 to 12 dollars per 1000 monetized views.


Which means the channel is potentially earning two thousand eight hundred dollars per day from adsense The primary source of revenue from youtube is through ads.


A monetized playback occurs when your video is being served with at least one ad while someone is watching it.


Therefore, the monetized playbacks show you the number of views where an ad was shown and are always lower than your total view count.


The people that earn the most money are the people with the most viewers. On the other hand, Monetization does not affect your views.

In other words, Monetization is based on views, but the number of views has nothing to do with Monetization.


Monetized views usually range from 40% – 80% of the total views.

All these are influenced and manipulated by several factors like the device played on, time of the year when the video is being played.

the location of the viewer, ad inventory.


how many ads there are on a video, how many people watch the footage skip the ads, type of advertisements that are being shown, ad engagement, type of content, and many other factors.


So now, with all that being said, let’s move further into the video.


How Much Bryce Earn Make Money?


In standard cases, a successful YouTuber rarely has only one source of income.


On an average, every YouTuber has more than one income source other than the monetized youtube channel they run.


Successful YouTubers like Bryce will also have sponsors ready to sponsor all the expenses that a particular video might require.


We can make a rough prediction and say that the Living Big In A Tiny House YouTube channel generates $30.34 thousand in ad revenue a month and $455.06 thousand a year, which is humongous.


We cannot underreport his revenue.

Here is the visual representation of the growth that the channel has undergone in the past few years.


It is clear that the channel has consistently been growing, and the growth potential is even higher for the channel in the upcoming years.

And if the track Living Big in a Tiny house continues to attract viewers the same way, they are expected to double their income in the coming years.


With his high income but considerate living, he and his family are setting up goals for the rest who flaunt their great mansions built in an inconsiderate manner.


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