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LOGAN PAUL NET WORTH, Lifestyle & Bio 2022

you must have probably heard about the famous youtuber logan paul.


as he’s been involved in his fair share of controversy over the past couple of years.


his fans love him the media loves to talk about him.


and logan paul these days makes a career.


out of the controversy he brings.


welcome back to celebrity net worth and lifestyle. in today’s video.


we’ll be looking into the life of logan paul. but before we get started


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You Are Reading: LOGAN PAUL NET WORTH, Lifestyle & Bio 2022

Biography Logan Paul:


 logan paul was born to greg paul and pamela stepnick on april 1 1995 in westlake ohio. he is of english scottish german irish and welsh descent.


logan has a younger brother jake paulwho’s also a popular red personality. 


the two have collaborated on projects together and even have a back and forth feud in 2017. this led to paul’s most watched video on youtube.


which has a diss track of his own brother at the age of 10 he started to create his own content for a youtube channel called zeus and soon gained a large fan base.


logan studied at the westlake high school.


paul was heavily into sports in high school being one of the best performing football players at west lake high school.


he also competed for the school in wrestling competitions after school logan attended ohio university for industrial system engineering.


but dropped out in 2014 to pursue his career as a social media entertainer.


logan paul rose to fame as a member of the video sharing app vine a social media platform where users owed film six second videos.


paul made comedy sketches on vine with other popular viners.


amassing millions of followers by april 2014. he had attained 361 000 instagram followers 105 000 twitter followers 31 000 likes on his facebook page and about 150 000 subscribers to his youtube channel


a compilation of his work from vine is turned into a youtube video and posted in april 2014 the video garnered more than four million views during the first week. it was posted logan soon had 4 million followers on vine and was hired to create paid videos for pepsi.


paynes hbo virgin mobile and other companies one of the campaigning videos that he shot for hayne saw an unbelievable and overwhelming online response.


in 2015, he was ranked as the 10th most influential person on vine

with these short videos earning him hundreds of thousands of dollars in advertising revenue.


once vine shut down in 2017. paul started focusing more on his youtube channel making daily vlogs today’s videos had been viewed almost 5 billion times. he began to build a strong following across several other social media platforms such as facebook.


instagram snapchat. he soon expanded outside of the internet by working on different television projects that include bad weather firms law order special victims. unit weird loners and stitchers paul also

co-wrote and starred in the adult comedy.


airplane mode which was released earlier this year.


but paul has also been the center of controversy most notably the time when he uploaded a video of a man’s corpse in japan suicide forest in the video.

paul and his friends planned to camp in the forest overnight when they stumbled.


upon a dead body hanging from a tree paul blurred the body’s face but he andhis friends kept zooming in on it and commented and joked about it the video got 6.3 million views within 24 hours of being uploaded outrage over the video was swift and nearly 200 000 people signed a petition to have logan kicked off youtube.


on january 10th logan paul was removed from google’s preferred ads program. and a planned youtube red movie deal was suspended after he uploaded the video soon after paul issued a written apology

on twitter for posting the video. i’ve never made a mistake like this


before he announced he was stepping away from his posting on youtube and taking time to reflect by the end of january paul returned to youtube with a documentary about suicide survivors


from this point on. i want to make an effort to contribute and immerse myself in the conversation.


so i’m pledging to donate one million dollars to various suicide prevention organizations paul said the video received mixed reactions with some people debating that he only did it to gain back the respect of his followers.


but only a few weeks later paul made another misstep when he posted footage of himself.


tasering two dead rats and removing a live fish from the water


and performing cpr on it as a result youtube temporarily suspended the ad revenue on his videos.


citing his recent pattern of behavior on august 25th 2018 paul fought fellow youtuber ksi in an amateur boxing match which was streamed on youtube’s pay-per-view platform a rematch took.


place on november 9th 2019 where ksi took the victory he also


debuted in professional boxing matches.


in late 2018 logan started his own podcast called impulsive with his friends mike maljak and spencer taylor.


the podcast is currently at 2.3 million subscribers and has had many famous guests including.


jojo siwa jordan belfort ricegum bella thorne josh peck alex. jones


ben shapiro tanemongo and many others the podcast also won a 2019 streamy award for best podcast.


net worth according to the wealthy gorilla logan paul has a current net


worth of around 19 million most of this money comes from his successful youtube channel. his highly publicized boxing bout with ksi


and his maverick clothing brand according to forbes.


lozen makes 80 000 for every sponsored content on his instagram handle and about 150 000 for every facebook post.


the youtuber earned 14.5 million before taxes between 2017 and 2018.


this made him the 10th highest earning youtuber in 2018 with his brother being even higher on the list.


over the years logan paul has boosted his income with a wide range of brand endorsements.


including haynes hbo dunkin donuts and pepsico now let us take a peek into logan’s lifestyle.


and some interesting facts about him the social media king has dated a stirring of beautiful women as he’s become more famous.


over the years paul’s relationship with model jessica serfadi was arguably his longest one.


the pair were together from 2014 to 2016 and the actress was regularly seen kissing her man on camera not much is understood behind the reason for their split but some suspect. there was infidelity involved that led them to calling it quits.


logan paul and social media star amanda kearney started dating in 2016 and lucky for us. they pretty much vlogged the entire thing granted it might have been mostly for views but it was probably logan’s most public relationship.


in 2018, logan was in a relationship with agents of shield actress chloe burnett and the pair were spotted making out while on vacation together in hawaii.


they dated for three months before splitting in october 2018.


in may 2020 logan paul confirmed he was dating jose canseco who is a model and the daughter of baseball legend jose canseco.


the pair were first spotted together in california in january 2020.


after a brief separation in february. they got back together in may and


celebrated their six-month anniversary on october 24th 2020. paul has also been romantically linked to models chantelle jeffries.


actress alissa violet and tila dunn in the past currently he lives in a mansion in the los angeles suburb of ncca worth a whopping 6.55 million.


originally designed by architect robert byrd the home is a very exotic feel. which is extremely hard to find in los angeles and the mansion has its very own security gate.


pool wine cellar and even a one bedroom.


the encino estate features 9000 square feet of living space that includes seven bedrooms.


nine bathrooms a movie theater room and a kitchen with a large island.


the modern day millionaire has made no secret of his passion for investing his earnings in fancy cars.


which regularly feature on his social media accounts.


whilst it’s certainly not how many cars logan paul owns he’s believed to own four vehicles which include a mercedes g wagon.


a polaris slingshot a dodge challenger and the so-called cool bus however it’s possible that he owns more.


especially as he’s likely to buy a new one whenever he takes his fancy


logan claims that he suffers from red green colorblindness.


however. he’s been ridiculed and criticized by youtube personalities such as idubbbz and ethan klein for faking his reactions in a video in


which he used color corrective glasses for the first time.


logan himself admits that he embellished and exaggerated his reactions but added that he did not lie about his impairment in february 2019.


the youtuber claimed that he has long-term brain damage which affects his ability to have empathy and a human connection with others with that we’ve reached the end of this video do you know more about him or any other juicy things.


 we missed out on comment down below if you want to discuss more on him and make sure to drop a like and subscribe to the channel


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