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A perfect example of rags to riches and one who continues to inspire the youth with little opportunity and almost no cash. Manny coachman used the power of real estate to achieve his dreams.


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Early life.


Early life and family manny was born in ran in 1971,


growing up with four siblings wasn’t easy during those years


as there was a war in iran his family


moved to the United states in 1985.


Escaping the war in Iran it was hard for him to adjust during his first few years in the u.s.


Especially since he was not very familiar with the language


and had to take English classes at his school to learn the language.


He speaks sometimes about how people made fun of him and racially abused him. 


At times, he got his first business experience during high school when he sold goods at


his swap meet on weekends.


he had his first job at the age of 16


mopping the floor and sorting shopping


carts in the parking lot of the santa ana kmart.


Career manny was promoted to sporting


goods assistant manager after a year of


mopping the floor at kmart.


even though that was great and all manny


wanted to build something much bigger


after a few months of work, he decided to


quit and to start working with a


multi-level marketing company.


which made manny go door-to-door selling




within the first two months he had been


the company’s top revenue salesman


even learned a way to reduce his


expenses to make more money.


after having a decent amount of


experience manny established his own


company at the age of 18. during his


senior year in high school


he ran at a smaller warehouse space and


started his own company


reselling different types of products


that he had purchased at a low cost and


sold for a profit.


eventually his business was shut down


due to a few health codes that were not up to city standards


many were wasted. no time though one of the tire shops he went into business with had hired him to work as an assistant manager which. After a year he left adventure.


into his own business in 1991. a friend of his father’s contacted him to buy a gas station for as little as 10 percent down payment.


he obviously jumped onto the opportunity manny put his life savings into this investment but unfortunately, the deal turned out to be a scam.


and manny was left with nothing but an empty bank account


struggling with barely enough money to pay the bills and no work in 1992.


This is when he got into real estate by getting his real estate license.


he first took a job as a loan officer at a mortgage firm.


and after a few months he began his own mortgage and realty company which allowed him to invest with banks


to purchase distressed owned properties that were either on sale or on foreclosure. it was an intelligent move


for manny which eventually brought him to the spotlight and helped to make everyone recognize him in the real.


estate world manny’s fortune expanded tremendously over time


and he began working with many other businesses over the years


The coach ben company now owns commercial real estate in six states. totaling about 2.2 million square feet manicoshbin’s . career is not just limited to real estate


he also has some other businesses to add to his portfolio.


and says he still desires to have more businesses in different fields and industries.


he has also written a book named manic hushman’s contrarian playbook.


how to build your 100 million dollar real estate portfolio from the ground up.


in 2011. where he has shared his journey.


we highly recommend it if you’re looking to get into real estate.


let us know in the comments below if you


would like a link to purchase the book


home tour mandy lives on a beautiful


ocean front.


most people would call it their dream home manny currently has the home listed for sale at roughly 30 million dollars manicoshben also owns


a mediterranean-style home in california


the house’s backyard is decently large


with many luxuries.


from an outdoor kitchen a koi pond and a


fireplace to a seating area by the pool


inside the home is everything you’d


expect from a 30 million dollar house.


it could get you the house was built in 2002 featuring a 13


532 square feet with seven bedrooms nine bathrooms a gourmet kitchen a lounge with a wet bar


a home theater and even a wine cellar.


with the house comes the private jet


escapes and the gallery worthy gadgets


the couture clothes and the 30 million


cash of foreign supercars to match.


it’s a californian dream and lifestyle


some would say one achieved after


clearing the clouds to allow the sun to shine through.


manny koshbin is the perfect example of rags to riches and continues to inspire others to follow their passion with immense dedication and hard work.


relationship status


manny has been married to laila milani since 2011 drawn together partially because of their common iranian heritage.


and they have two children together


during the 2005 world wrestling


entertainment diva quest.


his wife rose to fame she fought against


thousands of other women who wanted to


be a member of the wwe.


she came in second that is when she started appearing in wwe raw commercials.


she then moved away from wrestling and


spent the next four years modeling for the game show called deal or no deal.


she was the host of case 13 in the show and her kiss often included the higher value prizes.


Aside from her modeling work. she’s made multiple appearances on new shows as a celebrity looking for a charity to support.


she hosted the fox news sports net celebrity golf tournament


and also appeared in my fair brady. she’s appeared in the independent film wrestlemaniac and appeared in last comic standing.


she also tried her hand at business a few times founding the


luxury hair company called laila milani hair her fame. and deal or no deal gave her a lot of attention leading to high profile customers visiting. and buying from her business the couple have two children ,a son named enzo after the enzo ferrari and a daughter named priscilla


for a long time. the couple have been living a blissful married life with no conflicts.


they’re carrying both their work and


personal lives hand in hand.


with his welcoming smile and her awesome




the power couple is a shining example of


the american dream cranked at full blast


manny has most certainly been blessed


from a stunning home to his beautiful family.


and two children with his ever evolving


collection of luxury exotic and hyper cars cars.


over the years he’s purchased and sold a jaw-dropping 450 million dollars in commercial real estate which has also allowed him


to build up one of the most impressive


collections of cars in the southern




area manny’s love of cars may be


described as an obsession.


however this fascination has attracted


so many fans.


from all over the world to his instagram page


manny coachman has one of the most insane car collections you’re ever going to see.


the persian auto connoisseur is more


than just a car enthusiast.


his sharp eye for detail enables him to


co-design some of his own vehicles.


he keeps considering whether he should


tear down a wall of tvs to make an


area for his exquisite car collection to


say that he’s made it is clearly an


understatement manny coachman wasn’t


always zipping through traffic with 250


mile per hour vehicles.


he got off to a much slower start his


first car was a 1983 honda accord


which he purchased when he was 17 years


old manny saved 100.


a week for a year and bought the car at


an auction for five thousand dollars when he turned 21 he had his first taste in luxury.


he purchased a mercedes-benz 300e


four-door followed by a 1990 nissan 30zx.


once he got a kick for supercars he couldn’t stop at just one


the garage is full of paganis bugattis mclarens including the p1


a one of 106 mclaren speedtails and many




super and hyper cars it also recently


got a hallway designed to look like a




the white on white one of one bugatti


chiron hermes edition is manny coachman’s extensive car collection




the car took four years to make and cost well over three million dollars what makes the collection so unique.


most of manny cushman’s car collections are one out of ones or one of very few.


including his custom hermes edition cars which cost double the base price.


he has accomplished a remarkable level of success for someone who once had no grasp of the english language.


and stayed in a station wagon with his family for several months.


it simply conveys the strength of getting the perfect amount of


encouragement and inspiration.


combined with proper access to knowledge made possible by the internet.


while everyone can do it few are dedicated enough to see it through.


Net worth iranian boards self-made


entrepreneur manny cosbin has an


estimated net worth of around 80 million dollars as of 2021


he gained such a hefty amount of money


from his successful real estate business


and his book sales


of course these numbers are an


approximate amount as noah knows exactly


all of manny’s assets


manny’s first book manny coachman’s


contrarian playbook


how to construct your 100 million dollar


real estate portfolio from the ground up


was released in 2011. in the book he


discussed his path to being a




and how to create a strong real estate


portfolio. this book alone has generated a decent


amount of revenue his latest investments include


purchasing a 29 million dollar.


multi-level office building with two


restaurants on the main floor and a


beautiful marina with a 24 boat slip he


also recently debuted a member-only


cigar lounge.


for those looking to unwind in a private


environment after or between a long day


at work.


with hostesses on hand to retrieve


cigars from cedar lockers


tweak wood accents while relaxing in a


comfortable lounge chair


the climate-controlled lounge is


reminiscent of a day spent sprawling on


the deck of a yacht.


the idea came to cosbin after realizing


how much he loves to relax with cuban


monte cristo’s cigars


to help melt the tension and stress of


living and breathing the life of a real


estate mogul


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