Nice Dog Steps In To Help His Tied-Up Friend Go Free

It is understandable why this heartwarming video has been making the rounds on social media lately.

It flawlessly captures friendship.

You are reading:: Nice Dog Steps In To Help His Tied-Up Friend Go Free

The viral video gained over 5 million views. It shows a dog chewing through a leash to free another dog who is restrained next to a house. Thankfully, the liberator dog’s tenacity pays off.

After the tether is cut, both dogs happily run off.

Some viewers assumed the chained dog was being saved by a stray from a life of constant imprisonment.

Gamaliel Santos Yañez and his fiancée adore both dogs very much. Thayson and Boby are their names.

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Instead of rescuing Boby from neglect, Thayson was keeping him out of the bathtub.

“My girlfriend was just about to give Boby a bath,” Yañez said. “The only time they’re on a leash is when we walk them or when we give them a bath. We use it so they don’t run and get dirty [while we’re washing them].”

Leashing dogs in this manner while bathing them is a very typical practice. Thayson still preferred having Boby around to play with, though.


Though Thayson’s liberation of Boby put bath time on hold, Yañez could not help but appreciate the pup’s gesture for his companion.

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“I was pretty amazed,” Yañez said. “After that, they went and played. They were very happy to be back together playing.”

Thankfully, Thayson and Boby are more accepting of leashes when it is time for walks.


The two puppies have been practicing together since Yañez and his girlfriend adopted Thayson and Boby, so perhaps it should not be surprising that not even bath time can separate them.

“They spend all their time together,” Yañez said. “They are very good friends.”

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