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you probably know the celebrity for sure because she is one


if not the most well-known of the female rappers in the music industry


with a lot of successful songs and collaborations she surely is making real money.


How much do you think her net worth is?


we will later reveal her network first let us get to know nicki minaj a little bit.


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Early Life:


onika tanya mirage petty known professionally as nicki minaj is a trinidadian-american rapper singer songwriter 


She was born on december 8th 1982.


in the safe james district of port of spain and raised in the queensborough of new york city.


early in her career minaj was known for her colorful costumes and wigs.


Her wrapping is distinctive for its fast flow and the use of alter egos and accents primarily British cockney after signing with young money entertainment in 2009.


minaj released her first studio album pink friday 2010.


which peaked at number one on the US billboard 200 chart and was certified triple platinum by the recording industry association of america. She has earned multiple top five entries on the hot 100 as a lead artist.


super base in 2011 starships in 2012 and bang bang and anaconda both in 2014.


minaj was ranked 15th on billboard’s list of the top artists of 2010s


Being the highest female rap artist on the list, Minaj has sold an estimated 100 million records worldwide.


making her one of the world’s best-selling music artists.


throughout her career minaj has received numerous accolades


including six american music awards 12 bet awards.


four mtv video music awards four billboard music awards


and two billboard women and music awards she has also been nominated for 10 rammy awards minaj has often been


dubbed as the queen of rap by several media outlets.


in 2012 the new york times dubbed minaj quote most influential female rapper of all time she has been credited by billboard


for bringing females. rap back into the mainstream in the United states.


in 2011 minaj was ranked sixth on the rolling stones master ranking


of the kings of hip-hop. which is based on record sales and social media metrics. minaj is the first woman to have appeared on the forbes hip-hop cash kings list since its inception in 2007 having made


four consecutive appearances between 2011 and 2014.


In 2016 she was listed on the time 100 annual list of the most influential people in the world. She was also featured on one of the physical covers of the issue in 2019 complex ranked her eighth on their list of best rappers of the 2010s.


as well as being the only female on the list.


in 2012 in the aftermath of hurricane sandy minaj donated fifteen thousand dollars to the food bank in new york city.


in may of 2017, minaj offered via twitter to pay for college tuition fees and student loans for 30 of her fans.


she appeared to grant their requests ranging from five hundred dollar school supplies to six thousand dollars for tuition.


promising to respond to more requests in a month or two.


she also announced that she would launch an official charity for student loans.


and tuition payments in the near future in the same month minaj revealed on he instagram that she has been donating money to a village in india for a few years via her pastor.


lydia slowly these donations helped the village get a computer center a tailoring institute a reading program and two water wells.


in august 2017 after hurricane harvey hit the city of houston texas


minaj answered a social media challenge by comedian and actor kevin hart.


and donated 25 000 to the red cross minaj has been affiliated with several.


manufacturing companies and has endorsed a number of products during her career her first collaboration was a november 2010 endorsement deal with mac cosmetics.


which sold lipstick pink for friday for four consecutive fridays to promote her album king friday.


in 2011 minaj health introduced the casio tryx in times square


and created a six-piece nail polish collection for opi products


with colors named after her songs that december.


mattel produced a custom made minaj themed barbie doll valued at about fifteen thousand dollars for auction on charity buzz.


in april 2012 minaj helped launch the nokia lumia 900 in times square


she endorsed the 2012 viva glam campaign with ricky martin which minaj promoting.


her first fragrance pink friday in 2012 raised 270 million dollars for the mac aids fund with designer jeremy scott minaj signed an endorsement deal with adidas fall and winter 2012 campaign.


to appear in internet advertisements and commercials for adidas originals.


throughout her career minaj has won numerous awards including six


american music awards 10 bet awards seven bet hip-hop awards four billboard music awards five mtv.


video music awards six mtv europe music awards two people’s


choice awards and nominations choice awards one soul trade music award.


and 14 choice awards between 2011 and 2016


minaj received a total of 10 grammy award nominations


for the 54th grammy awards in 2012 minaj received three nominations including best new artist and best ralph album for her debut album pink friday.


minaj received her second nomination for best rap album at the 58th grammy awards for the pink print


minaj won the american music awards for favorite rap slash hip hop artist and favorite rap slash hip hop album in three different years for her first three albums.


she has won the mtv video music award for best hip hop video three times for super bass.


anaconda and chun li and has won the best female video award once for starships billboard women in music ceremony.


honored minaj with the game changer award in 2019.


nicki minaj is known for wearing elegant and colorful outfits and jewelries.


you already noticed nikki is pretty ashy when it comes to her looks.


she isn’t afraid to stand out from the crowd which is obvious thanks to the color and style she dances around with on tour.


she claims she doesn’t spend more anymore but back in the day she spent fifty thousand dollars a month on designer clothes and accessories.


her favorite brands are giuseppe zanati versace st laurent bendy and louis vuitton when nicki attended the 2017.


mtv video music awards she came along with more than 1 million dollars worth of bling around her neck and body.


the super bass wrapper looked like avery fancy piece of bubble gum in a head-turning bubble pink latex jumpsuit but it was the jewelry that caught everybody’s attention.


in total she was wearing almost two million dollars with the bling.


including a choker that cost more than one million dollars and two rings that came with a price tag of just under 250 000 each.


she also wore more diamond rings worth more than a half a million dollars.


nicki minaj has been known to live in a beverly hills mansion that sits on the former site of frank sinatra’s home.


it’s a mediterranean-style home in a very exclusive gated community.


petrulia she has a five-car garage with a two-story entrance that leads guests into the living room.


dining and family rooms there’s a massive kitchen with a huge breakfast nook.


two sinks a fridge freezer and even a replace the master suite has his and her bathrooms with a private terrace.


there are seven bedrooms upstairs and then get this there’s a guest house that can be accessed separately or from a balcony on the second floor.


with another two bedrooms and a shared bathroom downstairs.


it makes it the perfect party house right it’s hard to find how much she paid for the home and in fact she might have been renting.


it all along according to zillow the home is currently up for rent for


forty thousand dollars a month.


she might have kept it on the market for when she was busy but she’s likely posting up somewhere else for now.


she also has some amazing cars if you’re a nicki minaj fan.


you know how the rapper and songwriter refers to herself as a barbie


especially in her fresh days in the music industry around the time when her hit song super bass blew out radios.


she managed to get her hands on a lavish bentley continental gt


which she later had customized to be pink her car which nicki named barbie bentley is equipped with a w12 engine and can give out 500 horsepower that can even.


climb pike’s peak who needs a ken when you’ve got a ride like this she also has a lamborghini aventador that she was seen driving to her clothing line launch in kmart in 2013.


she definitely spent a handsome amount of cash having it painted alone another car in nikki’s garage is the may box 62s.


the maybach 62s has got to be one of the most fascinating beasts in the keys garage.


it was first revealed to the public eye when she made a grand entrance riding in it at the mtv movie awards last 2014.


for a full-size sedan a 500 000 price tag might be over the top.


but it is maybach so we can’t really complain much.


this beautiful piece of machinery has a curved weight that can go up to 6 000 pounds but don’t let that fool you the 604 horsepower and 738 pounds per foot of torque can make it go from zero.


to 60 miles per hour in no longer than 4.9 seconds nicki minaj has good taste in vehicles maybe it’s because she can actually drive.


whatever the reason may be her rolls-royce culinary is beyond what our pockets can afford.


it may not be able to compete with most cars in terms of speed


but it sure can drift the magnificent piece of machinery cost her over two hundred and eighty thousand dollars.


even with the amazing looks of the culinart it still doesn’t live up to


nikki’s taste so she decided to blow more cash to have.


it customized she decided to add stars to the ceiling


a champagne fridge and a full red interior also a range.


rover is included in her garage.


nikki was first seen with her range rover from a photo posted on instagram.


it’s now time to reveal her network but before that don’t forget to comment below which celebrity you’d like to see


Nikki net worth.


nicki minaj’s net worth is 100 million dollars that’s all for the one and only nicki minaj see you.


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