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Nomadic Movement net worth

Hello Everyone. Have you ever heard of The Nomadic Movement channel on Youtube. If not yet, let we will be going over The Nomadic  Movement Net Worth a year , and Their’s Lifestyle.


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The Nomadic  Movement  channel start of Jordan Saglio and Kaylee Dubeau. They wake up  to living their fullest life every day with everyone!.



Who is Jordan Saglio?.


Jordan Saglio was born on January 2, 1992,  in Massachusetts, United States of America,  in a family that took photography into  a passion. 


However, unlike the ones who surrounded him, Jordan never took an interest  in holding a camera for a living. Instead, he dreamed of having his restaurant. 


That’s why  for three years, he became a restaurant manager  and had quite the experience before quitting  and joining Kaylee on a ride towards a world full of adventures. 

Jordan Saglio Wife: Kaylee Dubeau


Jordan’s partner Kaylee was  also from Massachusetts and was a former licensed  esthetician. She recently became a mother  of an adorable and healthy baby named Sadie, born in September this year through water birth! 


 Congratulations on the new addition to the family!


Living the Dream Lifestyle


The couple started to travel to the western  regions of the world. Since 2017, they have  been sharing their life on their YouTube channel – The Nomadic Movement ( 356 N Subcribe).  


They moved along the coasts and shorelines of  America and overseas in a converted minibus, which  they called “Jenny,” that served as their home  sweet home for three and a half more years.


 Now,  that’s the natural “Home is where the Their is”!.

And don’t underestimate Jenny because  this minibus conversion is jam-packed. 


It has functionalities that make the couple not  just live in an actual home but also have an extraordinary life on wheels along with their  charming furry friends, in which one is a cat  named “Roger” and a beagle named “Lola.”  


They must have the happiest life indeed!




Being a nomad in the modern and digital world is  more than just traveling. It is also finding a way to understand oneself while still experiencing  the complexities of life that range from the smallest to the biggest challenges that one could  face. 


And, of course, the couple is not unfamiliar with that everyone. Just like the weather, living an  adventurous life is not always warm and sunny, but also not always cold and gloomy. Even  though the couple did not start on YouTube  as great as others, it didn’t stop them from  moving their feet and kept going on. 


You can Imagine their working so hard for three months creating  different videos, staring at the screen, and finding ways to edit videos that would appeal  to the audience but end up not performing well.


But still, Jordan and Kaylee kept  on traveling through many countries that offered them different and unique  experiences. Some of these places include California, Alaska, Mexico, Germany, Italy,  and Spain.


 But what captivated the couple into letting their minibus break into full stop  and settle down for a bit is a place called  Boquete in the country of Panama. 


Boquete  is a small town in the Province of Chiriquí,  in the country’s western region. And this place  is heaven, with almost endless panoramic views of the greenest and healthiest lands and  mountains, along with the majestic Barú Volcano and the flowy crystalline waters of  the Caldera River.


 It is no wonder that Jordan and Kaylee put their brakes on, as this is the  perfect place for the couple’s long-time aim.


Aside from its majestic views and landscape,  the place is perfect for a nature-friendly and sustainable community!


 That’s why the couple  bought 3 acres of land and started to develop  

it in 2020, just a month before the global  pandemic brushed life away in the whole world. 


The couple indeed found a way to bring life to  a land that was completely isolated from anyone  else by relying upon the region’s potential  in renewable energy—making their homestead functional while staying almost free of carbon  footprints. 


To provide a solution for clean water,  the couple built a system that filters water from  rain that occurs most of the time in the area.  


And to cater energy for their minibus and work  sheds, they used solar and wind power to generate electricity!


 And since efficiency is paramount  in their circumstance, they positioned the solar panels according to the area’s position in the  earth to maximize the reception of sunlight and  energy. 


For connectivity, they used fiber  optic cables around the farm to connect to the internet to continue sharing their progress  with their subscribers on YouTube and Patreon.


To provide food, the farm housed plants and  vegetables in a greenhouse designed to withstand the weather in the area. They also raised  chickens, goats, and other animals inconveniently placed coops and enclosures. 


The way things happen  inside the farm is like an ecosystem, where one’s byproduct is again of another, as the compost  materials they use for their plants and vegetables are the ones made by their livestock. 


If it is not  impressive enough, the couple made their furniture just by using raw materials that they see in their  surroundings—this included tables, closets, and boards, which they treated to lengthen its life. 


 Talk about resourcefulness and sustainability!


As of now, Jordan and Kaylee are aiming  for a better future in Boquete. They have been transforming their land day by day to  cater to both themselves and their friends and other people.


Functional homestead is the  goal, and the couple wants to have a community that lives freely without too much dependence on  the outside world—taking their life journey far beyond the walls and wheels of their minibus and  much more than just their enjoyment and pleasure.  


That’s why now, they are building a new home  for their friend and accepting applications from their Patreon subscribers for a visit  and stay in their proudly made homestead.  


Finally making their plans into  reality, one step at a time.


Jordan and Kaylee indeed seem to live the life  that some of us also dreamed of before. Imagine waking up facing the views of the rising sun  while its rays illuminate through the clouds and finally touching hundreds of thousands  of trees, such a wonderful world, right?.


But none of this would happen to the couple if they  stopped finding themselves and pursuing despite the huge challenges and failures they faced.


How Much The Nomadic  Movement’s Earnings?


Now, let’s hover on to The Nomadic  Movement’s estimated earnings!


In one of their videos, Jordan and Kaylee  stated that the amount they receive changes a lot, depending on the ads revenue. So keep in mind that the figures you are about  to see are not exact but merely an estimation. 


Let’s begin with their YouTube earnings. The  Nomadic Movement YouTube channel currently has 427 uploaded videos, 356N subscribers,  and a whopping 53 million views. 


Their channel sits under the “Travel” category, making their  annual income amounting to approximately $60,000. They also have a Patreon account that  provides exclusive content and a way for their supporters to assist them  in their monetary needs while building their homestead. 


This Patreon account earns  around $120,000 per year from their patreons, who donates different amounts of money depending  on the kind of service they want to acquire.


Lastly, being YouTubers with ample experience in  video editing and putting up content on YouTube, the couple created a learning course that  focuses on effective ways to edit a video.  


This course comes with a price that  earns the couple around $28,000 a year.




With The Nomadic Movement net worth (  estimated YouTube channel): $123,000 dollars as of December 2021.


The Nomadic Movement’s Jordan and Kaylee indeed  have an exciting life. Enjoying the freedom to walk all kinds of terrain, swim all kinds of  waters, and breathe different kinds of air.  


But would you dare to take the path that they  had? Would you step your feet where the wind goes? Or would you take and make the  wheels rotate toward an adventure?


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