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Os Bushcraft and Survival Biography Net worth & Lifestyle

Os bushcraft and survival net work

What is Os bushcraft and survival’s net work? 


Are you looking for something adventurous to do?

The life of Os bushcraft and survival’s content creator might be of interest to you!.


Os Bushcraft and survival channel features life in the jungle. She shows us how it is living with nature and how it is to survive only with natural resources and less modern technology.


From its name Os bushcraft, the word bushcraft is about practicing to learn skills in staying in the wilderness all on your own.


You may be wondering why, why she would be interested in bushcraft?

Let us take a closer look into her life.

Let us get amazed, inspired and motivated!!

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Osman Delibash’ Biography


Osman Delibash is a Russian woman whom, we could say, a jack of all trades. Osman, even from her younger days, has been doing different things.


Early life 


In her elementary days, she already encountered learning music.

We all know that learning music is not that easy at all, but there she was at her young age!. Moving forward, Osman did more than learning music in her childhood.


Her teachers saw her potential in music. However, they first offer she she had was an opportunity to dance, and guess what?.

She grabbed the chance, and she danced ballet. As we all know, ballet is a challenging dance as it needs lots of discipline and training.


But as soon as Osman started it, she immediately grasped the sense of it. It eventually opened another opportunity for her to dance Russian folk dances.


Osman had so much potential that she became a representative for the rhythmic gymnastics competition they had.


Also, at a young age, she was admitted to a music school.

However, she eventually left music school because she had a bigger heart for sports. Osman’s father favors her desire to pursue sports, as all of them are athletes.


However, the downside is that her father does not want her to pursue studies anymore. Her father wanted her to focus on sports alone.

Osman dreamt of something else. She aimed for the better. 


She wanted to study because she needed it as she wanted to have a career in acting. It became a conflict between her and her father. Her father did not like her to be an actress.


Instead, of supporting her on that dream, he wanted her to be a journalist. Osman did not want to follow her father’s decision.

She thought that if she were going to be a journalist, she would lose her opportunity to be an actress.


However, eventually, Osman still had a job as a journalist. What was ironic was that she did not want to do it, but she worked as an expert at her work.


Osman lives a fatalist perspective in life. Maybe that is what brought her to do the things she does now.


She listens to things that sparks interest in her, having also considering her potential in those. As we have observed, Osman has experienced many different achievements already in her span of life.


To add that, she also became a swimmer since seven years old.

It’s because of a moment that sparked inspiration in her, and she considered it her sign.


At such a young age, she dared to be an ice swimmer. Since then, she had the chance to do so, and she started practicing every moment she had the free time.


She has already gone through a lot of struggles and victories in this field. She became so passionate about ice swimming that she is still doing it!. She has already competed with several competitions too, bringing home beacons cups!.


Osman Delibash’ Lifestyle


Most of the lessons and takeaways in her life comes from her experience in ice swimming. It is her most active craft that she invested most of the time in her life.


She belongs to a club called “Walruses of the Capital.”

Her club is on update promoting healthy life through ice swimming.


To have such an active life, having a wide variety of capabilities and talents, you must have a strong mind. And for our Osman, she said that the first thing she takes care of as an athlete is her mind.


Because how you interact with what you do is the most crucial thing in dealing with them. Osman has set her mind to be stronger than her weaknesses.


One of the techniques that she already shared with her co-workers is to record their strengths. She also has shared hers with them, but she also encourages others to have their own.


It is because it will be handy for you when you would encounter struggles and stress.


It makes sense, right?

No one else would have the power to encourage you if you do not believe on your own.


If there are any forms of fear or emotional struggle, Osman will start calming herself down. For her, it is the best approach so that you can let positive energy dominate.


Through that, you can gain yourself back and face your challenges.

Osman believes that you should be wiser in handling those feelings.

Osman has that strong point of view that she can overcome every struggle with the right mind.


Just a random fact here, Osman learned this discipline from her previous work. She once experienced being a fitness instructor.


Overall, we can also say that she is an optimistic person who keeps her stable even in chaotic situations.


She truly has that powerful mindset of a winner.


Another thing that makes Osman a winner in life is that she does not compete with others. Her focus is how to better herself each moment she have the chance.


How Much Osman Delibash Earn Money?


Osman Delibash’s channel today only has 12 videos overall.

Most of her videos are all about her experiences in bushcraft and survival in the jungle. She has gained popularity because of the uniqueness of her content.


Her channel ‘Os Bushcraft and Survival’ currently has an estimate of 318N subscribers and has earned about 2.300.000 views

just over the past few months!


With those views alone, her channel has amassed over 47 millions views in a very short amount of time!


And Which earned an approximate of $250.000 Dollars. She also has some paid sponsorships that she has done which can pay anywhere between $2500 to $10,000 per video!


These are only her earnings on YouTube, and it does not conclude her overall net worth.


Osman also has other income from the work she does outside of YouTube. Osman is also famous in different industries such as showbiz and the music industry, which contribute to her networth.


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