Recap The Curse of Oak Island (In a Rush), Season 9, Episode 4, Spoils Alert

The Curse of Oak Island (In a Rush), Season 9, Episode 4, Spoils Alert

“The Curse of Oak Island” in a Russian. We’re recapping the Season 9 episode. “Spoils Alert!” So, what happened?

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In case you forgot, the episode begins with a six-minute summary reminding us they still can’t dig in the swamp because of the first people’s pottery found last week.

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Which, for a show that loves to recap itself, is a pretty long recap. And now, I’ve recapped the recap. So, to recap my recap of their recap, the first six minutes has no new information of any consequence whatsoever.

Unable to work in the swamp, they instead dig around in the Dunfield spoils. They find wood, a Caribbean spike, and a chisel, which leads to wild speculation that the chisel was once used to carve the fabled 90-foot stone. I’m surprised they didn’t say it was used to carve the 10 commandments as well. Remember the gun stones previously found? The team uses science to prove they are not native to Oak Island.

Are they saying the stones migrated? No, but they do claim they were left on the island by rogue Portuguese sea captains. I’m not kidding! Borehole drilling finds mud, wood, a tiny metal bit, and an insufferable amount of time filler.

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Further analysis of the metal bit shows it contains a ridiculously small amount of gold but also an inordinately large amount of the ridiculously rare osmium. Which, again, is completely ignored at this point. I just have to assume they don’t know what the “Os” stands for on the periodic table.

Further infuriating the nerd in me, they even bring a scientist in to analyze the metal thing and she ignores the osmium as well, but focuses instead on the gold, which is somehow proven to have migrated from South America. This ultimately leads them to the following perfectly reasonable theory: the gold was stolen from South American indigenous people by the Spanish, it was then stolen from the Spanish by the Portuguese, and then it was buried by the Portuguese on Oak Island.

So, how did Shakespeare’s manuscripts get down there? Tune in next time when the “Fellowship of the Dig” is renamed “The Wizards of Osmium”. Osmium, I just gotta let it go. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! Thanks for watching everybody. If you enjoyed the episode, go ahead and hit the like button, subscribe, watch the old episodes, leave a comment below, and I’ll be back again next week.

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