Review Gold Rush (In a Rush), Season 9, Episode 2: Smoked Out

Gold Rush (In a Rush) and recapping the Season 9 episode, “Smoked Out.” So, what happened?

Rick desperately needs another dozer and luckily stumbles upon a 275 that just happens to be on his own ground, which is convenient. He gets back to ripping permafrost until the transmission goes out and they shut it down, just as his crew nears mutiny. Another dozer magically appears and just as he thinks his season is over, that’s it.

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Parker heads home because he’s failed at everything and can’t find any other ground. Maybe he could finally fulfill his contract with Ken from last year, but nope, instead he heads back to Tony’s ground and vows revenge. He also reveals he’s already 3 million dollars in the hole as they move their equipment back from the cluster cut.

His new D-10 dozer starts on fire and they keep running back and forth with buckets of water to put out the fire while ignoring the giant fire extinguishers sitting right in front of them. In the end, it was just burning moss that had been stuffed into the engine of a brand new 1.5 million dollar dozer.

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They get to clearing the ground and that’s it. The pontoons are being barged in from Dredged Number 2, but then they hit a sandbar and an engine seal is leaking and taking on water. Here we go again. The pontoons are unloaded so the Jasmine beet can be hauled out of the water, but for some reason what they did last week is impossible to figure out this week. However, it gets done eventually and the pontoons get delivered and unloaded, which is just as exciting as you think.

Dredge Number 1 cleanup time finds 140.8 ounces and then they all enjoy a nice laugh at Parker’s expense. That’s it. Tune in next time when an exciting new discovery is made. Actual content? Well, that was something.

Thanks for watching. How can they be out of content already? It’s only Episode 2. Yeah, I’m sure things will pick up in Episode 3, so come on back then. In the meantime, you can go ahead and subscribe, like, and watch the old episodes. I will be back next week.

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