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Signs You’re in Love Infographic

You know how amazing love feels – but it’s also totally overwhelming.

When you’re in love, you’re in love. You’re completely overcome by new feelings and emotions and experiences with the new guy. You’re not just wondering, ‘does he like me?‘ – you’re wondering ‘does he LOVE me?’ You don’t have to frantically worry about signs he doesn’t like you ever again.

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And it makes for a really great experience, but what actually happens when you fall in love?

After all, when you’re freshly into a new love, you’re not really taking the time to think deeply about how the love is affecting you. You’re… well… you’re just in love!

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But all those new sensations and feelings are having an effect on your body – and in some cases, they’re having a HUGE effect.

It makes sense, doesn’t it? Your body is awash in new feelings and emotions – and they’re directly feeding back into how you feel physically, mentally, and emotionally.

In fact, it’d be weird if your body DIDN’T go through changes when you fell in love.

And whether it’s having a harder time concentrating at work, finding other guys you used to crush on less attractive, or seeing your energy levels go up and up while your appetite shrings smaller and smaller – they’re all changes that your body goes through when you’re starting to realize you might be in love!

So check out this awesome infographic below and find out exactly how love affects you. It breaks down what happens to your body and mind when you fall in love.

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Who knows, you might be in love right now without even knowing it…


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