Stop Buying Tangerines. Here’s How to Grow Hundreds at Home


You can grow these versatile citrus fruits at home too with just a little knowhow on how they’re grown.

Here, I’ll show some simple techniques:

1. Grow it in a pot

Tangerines are a great choice for the home gardener. They need hot and sunny weather, so plan on putting them in pots near some sun (or go all out with an outdoor planting).

Tangerines like it when they’re not overwatered either – just make sure you give them enough space!

Tangerines need a neutral soil in order to thrive well, so remove any excess peat from the roots before you start potting.

Note: Opt for dwarf versions if you are planting them in a pot.

2. Growing in the backyard

You can grow your own tangerine tree in the right climate! Choose a sapling and start it off small. Be sure to choose an area with plenty of sunlight, because that’s what will make this crop flourish fastest.

Make sure you dig up enough room for its roots so they have lots of space too–you don’t want them cramped or stressed out.

Before you can plant the tree, make sure that its roots are loose. Add some soil and cover it to keep it hydrated for months before planting!

3. Growing as a houseplant

Tangerine trees are pretty and smell lovely. They’re non-toxic, so they’re safe for kids or pets to chew on!

So, next time you buy a tangerine, just cut the fruit in half and take the biggest seeds. Afterwards, plant them as soon as possible in order to keep them fresh.

Fill a pot (3-4 inches) with soil and plant all seeds about 1/2 inch deep. Keep the soil moist, cover it up with plastic wrap for about 12 hours before placing in direct sunlight to allow them some rest; then remove that extra protection and move it into a larger pot and full sunshine.

Note: Water frequently, but make sure you don’t overwater.

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