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The Hilton Garage: 6 Luxury Cars Owned By Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton has a garage studded with some fine, luxurious beauties.

The life of Paris Hilton is certainly a luxurious one. The heiress to the Hilton empire was born into significant wealth, and after acquiring a thirst for fortune, she went on to create an empire of her very own, adding even more to her already incredible $300 million net worth. Celebrities are known to spend excessively in all aspects of their lives, and Paris Hilton is no exception. In fact, she lives life to the fullest by constantly surrounding herself with the finest things money can buy. Among her big expenditures in other areas, Paris has an affinity for fancy cars, and her car collection is sure to blow the mind of any car enthusiast out there. Carsoid reports that she has more cars in her garage at any given time than most people can ever even dream of.

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She is said to have spent well over $2 million on her cars in the last 2 years alone Her collection is an impressive one which boasts a McLaren MP4 12C Spider, a McLaren 650 S, a Rolls Royce Ghost, Ferrari California, Range Rover HSE, a Bentley Continental GT Cabriolet, and a custom pink Bentley Continental GT, just to name a few. With no financial limits required, Hilton spends hundreds of thousand of dollars on each car she buys, and she definitely owns an impressive collection.


6 A Rainbow-Colored BMW

Paris Hilton is so wealthy that she even has a special car designated for celebrating Pride. Considering that the car is a high end BMW, that’s a whole lot of disposable income that she freely throws around. Hilton took to Instagram to show off her rainbow colored BMW to her fans, and received nearly 100,000 likes to that particular post. Over the years, Paris has acquired a number of high end vehicles in her collection, with a significant portion of them being BMW’s in varying models.

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5 A BMW i8

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One of Paris Hilton’s absolute favorite cars from her expansive car collection is her BMW i8. Fans can attest to the fact that she has posted a number of images of her i8 to her social media accounts, raving about the car and expressing how much she adores it. Of course Paris has completely customized this incredible machine, and has made it very much her own. Within this video, she describes her passion for custom styling her vehicles, making them unique and representative of her own, personal style. She opted for a multi-colored wrap for this beautiful car, and has boasted the finished product on social media.

4 A Blazing Ferrari

No car collection is complete without a customized Ferrari, so Paris Hilton made sure she purchased one just for herself. Posting all about how much she loves fast cars, Paris gave fans a good show by taking this super fast Ferrari out for a spin and capturing all the fun on video. Her adoring fans on social media got a good show as they watched her rip the car up and down, fully enjoying the speed and high performance that this incredible vehicle offers.

3 A Pink Bentley

Owning a Bentley is a privilege most people can only ever dream of, and Paris Hilton added some special touches to hers, to make sure it perfectly fit into her car collection. Much like her other vehicles, making a car ‘fit’ into her collection translates to it being completely transformed into Paris Hilton’s absolutely favorite color – pink! Many of the super cars and luxury vehicles in her collection are custom painted or wrapped in pink, and this one has joined the party too! Paris Hilton’s Bentley Continental GT was sold to her for a whopping $500,000, and to those in awe of that enormous price tag, that was the price of the vehicle before she applied custom upgrades and a wrap to the car.

2 A Convertible Mini Cooper

Proving that girls just want to have fun, Paris Hilton got sporty with her convertible mini cooper, and took it for a spin to the 2021 MTV Video Music Awards. This is a speedy little number that may not be the most pricey of all her purchases, but definitely added some fun pep to her car collection. Staying true to her brand and her love for the color, this car was also customized to be primarily pink, although she did have some fun with this car by adding a hint of green accents. There’s no telling how much Paris spent upgrading this vehicle, which she affectionately refers to as the “cute pink convertible.”

1 A Rolls Royce

One of the most highly sought after and incredibly respected models of the Rolls Royce happens to spend its days parked in Paris Hilton’s garage, only to be taken out for pleasure drives on special occasions. Hilton’s Rolls Royce Ghost set her back nearly $250,000, and that was before she added all the upgrades and customized the car to make it completely her own. She has blasted this fine car on social media and has shown her love for the car by making sure it’s always in impeccable condition.

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