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The Truth about the WranglerStar Family

Welcome back to another episode of  celebrity net worth and lifestyle.  


In today’s episode, we’ll find out  about the Wranglerstar Biography,  


lifestyle, and Networth. Cody Crone, who runs the  Wranglerstar Youtube channel, chose to live the  


path of primitive homesteading and leave behind  the urban life of modernity with his own family.


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Who are the Wranglerstars?


The successful Wranglerstar Youtube channel  is being run by a Christian family of three.  


The husband, Cody Crone, is famously known  as “Mr. Wranglerstar,” his loving wife  


Jessica Rogers, who is known as “Mrs.  Wranglerstar,” and they have a son  


who is named Jack or being  called “Jack Wranglerstar.”  


They are Americans who are now residing  in the mountains of the Pacific Northwest.


The Wranglerstar’s journey started way back  in 2010 when the newly united couple Cody and  


Jessica decided to live in the wilderness  and live in modern homesteading instead.  


It was on the 9th of September when they first  launched their Youtube channel. At first,  


they only found Youtube as an appropriate  platform to share their new form of living  


with their loved ones. Their Youtube channel  has approximately 1.8 million subscribers  


and is still growing as they continue to  share their modern homesteading adventures.


Cody Crone is a 52 years old man who was born  on April 4, 1969. He used to live in White  


Salmon City, Washington, in the United States of  America. It was back in 2003 when Cody and his  


now-wife Jessica Rogers started dating. Jessica  is someone who is physically active and has loved  


running ever since she was in High School. She  ran marathons and half-marathons, and of course,  


she wanted to share her passion with Cody as well.  However, Cody never had run any mile and disliked  


running. So, to truly win Jessica’s heart,  Cody made an effort to buy running shoes and  


a pair of shorts. Then, the couple went for  one run. Cody loves his wife wholeheartedly  


and knows that whatever is important to her  has now become important for him as well.


Their love story’s foundation was not  just built up from love and loyalty to  


each other but also from their love  and faithfulness in serving God.  


When the couple got wed, they were hopeful for  a bright future that God had planned for them.  


Seemingly, Cody and Jessica find something lacking  in their shared urban lives. After attending a few  


Bible study sessions and some insights from  inspirational books, mainly read by Jessica,  


that’s when it clicked to the couple that  they needed a fresh start. They believed that  


sticking to basics and having a simple life is the  sincerest form of walking their lives with God.


Living of the Grid, the new lifestyle


Before living off on their own,  Cody and Jessica were invited by a  


homesteading couple in Montana. They spent  the weekend together in their living off,  


and their stay there had Cody and Jessica  more convinced that they should start  


living off the grid as well. After that trip,  the couple started packing their things,  


and they bought a small property somewhere in  Washington’s wilderness and started homesteading.


The new lifestyle that Cody and Jessica invested  in is something truly beautiful. At the start,  


they each used to work for over 80 hours  a week and were struggling to manage the  


time to see each other. They couldn’t even eat  a meal together when they were adjusting. But,  


not everything at the start is easy,  right? At the end of the exhausting day,  


Cody and Jessica were each other’s breathers  in their new life. Their homesteading life  


couldn’t be more wonderful when they had  their son, Jack. Additionally to their  


life off-the-grid lifestyle, they started  to share their everyday lives in the media.


When Cody and Jessica launched their channel, its  genuine purpose was to share and inform people how  


their homesteading life is. Little did they know  that their channel would grow into a community  


and that they would earn a profit from it.  Living off the grid is something that completed  


Cody and Jessica’s lives, and they even  got a bonus of being blessed with a child,  


Jack, who is now in his teenage years. It was like  life couldn’t be better for them. What they share  


online are mostly about handyman works, such  as lumberjacking, timber farming, carpentry,  


logging, irrigation, how they connect with  nature, and family vlogs about their Christian  


living. The quality of their everyday lives is  being shown to their viewers and subscribers.


The highest viewed video in their Youtube  channel was “Testing the Toughest Cordless  


Drills on Amazon,” they uploaded the video four  years ago and earned them 15 million views.  


Having shared their most lives in  digital media for more than a decade,  


most of their uploaded videos have achieved  more than 2 million views to this day.


As the family continues to share their  lives with the public and online,  


they also experience setbacks, it’s normal,  and it’s part of anyone’s life.


They used to  feel that somehow other people could be more  invasive than they could have imagined. That  


is why the family decided to limit what the public  eye can see and know about in their private lives.


The “Wranglerstar” used by their family is not  really their real name. Yes, you heard it right.  


The same goes with their names like Cody, Jessica,  and even their son’s name. Jack was not the real  


one. Their little family chose to keep it a  secret, and they never revealed it to anyone.  


If they were being interviewed, they asked for  the interviewers to keep their real identities  


hidden and used their names as Cody, Jessica, and  Jack instead. That is how they want their lives to  


be, and like any other people, they  want others to respect their decision.


Despite not revealing their real identities to the  public, Cody, Jessica, and Jack remain truthful  


in the videos that they upload. On the last 8th  of September in 2020, the Wranglerstar uploaded  


a video entitled “The Real Reason We Moved.” In  the video, Cody explained their new homesteading  


and why they left their old homestead. He shared  that their modern homesteading is twice as big and  


twice as beautiful. They have a closer view of Mt.  Fuji, and there’s also a river that runs in their  


property. At the same time, the river serves as  a border to the other side of the land that the  


Wranglerstar does not own. They never actually  revealed the location of their new place.


The Wranglerstars’ Net Worth


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Their homesteading life didn’t just end up  flourishing on Youtube, but they also achieved  


their journey in writing. In 2015, they launched  their first book entitled “Modern Homesteading:  


Rediscovering the American Dream.” Its  content is about servanthood with God  


through living simplicity and self-reliance.  Much like their Youtube content and all the  


life lessons they discovered through living on a  homestead. They sell their book in two formats,  


the paperback for 17.99 dollars  and in PDF for 6.99 dollars.


Now, with all the million views that they get from  their Youtube videos and their published book,  


did you ever get curious about  how much they are earning? Well,  


don’t rack your brain anymore  cause I’m here to tell you.


Wranglerstar channel contains exactly  2,712 videos, has 1.8 million subscribers,  


and they have more than 640 million views which  translates to approximately 3 million dollars.  


Quite a number, right? Normally in the U.S.,  Youtube content creators earn 4-12 dollars  


per thousand views of a monetized video. The  Wranglerstar once shared that the first check they  


got from Youtube was a hundred dollars and was in  disbelief that they would make it into real money.


Yet, they realized that they could earn a profit  from sharing their lives on their Youtube channel.  


Just from their Youtube channel, the  Wranglerstar’s earnings struck up to  


580,000 dollars per year. Right now, Wranglerstar  earned profit from the ads that were being shown  


in their videos and from their published  book about the success of homesteading.  


Therefore, the estimated net worth of the  Wranglerstar is around 1.5 million dollars.  


The Wranglerstar family may be earning a  large amount of money, but they remain humble,  


and that can be seen in their uploaded videos  on how they interact with other people.


It seems that Cody and Jessica did not make  a mistake in choosing the lifestyle of living  


off-grid and sticking to modern homesteading.  Now, they are living their lives as simple as  


they can do, and they are free of debt to anyone.  Simplicity, freedom, and servanthood to God are  


all that the couple wanted, and that is how  they wanted to spend the rest of their lives.  


One can say that their little family is beyond  blessed, and they are truly living their dream.


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