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Travis Scott net worth

Travis Scott Net Worth

What is Travis Scott’s net worth?




Jacques Furman Webster II, with stage name as Travis Scott.


He is an U.S rapper, singer, songwriter and record producer.

Scott’s musical style has a combination of hip-hop, lo-fi and traditional ambient.


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Early Life


Webster II was born April 30th 1992 in Houston Texas.


From small ages( 1-6 year), he lived with his grandmother in South Park Houston, located in south-central Houston.The neighborhood was notorious for crime, and had an impact on young Webster II.


After he moved to Missouri City, a middle-class suburb bordered Southwest Houston. And Webster  lives with his parents. His

mother works for Apple, and his father ran his own business.


Webster’s family has a long history of musicals. His father is also a soul musician. His grandfather was a multi-talented jazz composer.


Jacques Furman Webster attended Elkins high school. He graduated at 17. And then, he attended the BIG University of Texas San Antonio, before dropping out his sophomore year to fully pursue his music career.


Webster ( Travis Scott) began dating reality television entrepreneur and star  Kylie Jenner ( 2017).


On February, 1st, 2018, His wife( Jenner) gave birth to their first child, named Stormi Webster.


Afterwards, the couple broke up on 9th 2019.  

However, they have been spotted together, sparking rumors of their reconciliation.


Before dating Travis Scott, Jenner was romantically linked to Vietnamese-American rapper Tyga. 


Travis Scott loves his daughter very much. He gifted his daughter with a massive room full of sunflowers. 


Kylie Jenner, Scott’s wife, shared an image of the flower-packed room. Stormi Webster standing in the midst of the display and apparently in awe of the stunning flowers.


fammliy eejxjjhisd



Although Travis Scott undoubtedly gifted the flowers with the best of intentions, some critics didn’t love the expensive gifts.


many other people chimed in to agree, stating that it seems to be a hallmark of the kardashian-jenner family to tend towards excess and that they do the same thing with massive balloon arrangements at birthday parties.


 in spite of the negativity that they occasionally receive, neither kylie jenner nor travis Scott has ever spoken out in acknowledgment of the haters.


 It seems as though the two are completely confident in their own path and don’t have time for backlash. they definitely don’t have

time for that they’re busy making money and they’re busy giving all the luxury gifts to their daughter.



 in 2012. Scott signed his first Major-label deal with Epic Records. in November of the same. This year, Scott signed a deal with Kanye West’s GOOD Music, as part of its production wing for very good beats.


 In April 2013 Scott signed a record deal with TI’s Grand Hustle imprint.


 Scott’s first full-length project, the mixtape Alf Farrow, was self released in 2013.


 It was followed with a second mixtape days before Rodeo, in August 2014.


 his debut studio album, Rodeo 2015, was led by the hit single ” antidote”. his second album, Birds in the trap sing McKnight( 2016).


Became his first number one album on the Billboard 200. The following year, Scott released a collaborative album with Pavo titled Honcho Jack. 


Jack honcho under the group name Hangzhou jack.


 In 2018, his highly anticipated Astroworld was a release to widespread critical acclaim and produced his first Billboard Hot 100 number-one single, ” sicko mode”.


In late 2019, Scott’s record label Cactus Jack Records released the compilation album Jack boys which became the first number-one album on the Billboard 200 of the 2020s. 


As of 2020, scott has sold over 45 million certified records in the US alone. he won a Billboard Music Award. 


he also has been nominated for six Grammy Awards; 2014 ” New Slaves” ( as a songwriter) the Best Rap Song; 2018 ” Love Galore” (with SZA) Best Rap Song Performance, 2019 ” Siko Mode” with Drake and Swae Lee, Best Rap Performance and Best Rap Song. 


2019 Astroworld Best Rap Album and 2020 ” The London” ( with Young Thug and J. Cole) best rap/sung  performance. Travis scott’s Astro world tour grossed 53.5 million dollars in 2019, the year’s top hip hop roadshow. 


Can you believe that and he even followed it with a free ” Fortnite” concert series with the pandemic hit, reaching more than 27 million viewers.


Far more than the astral world, the performances helped boost sales of his Cactus Jack products: Sneakers, Action Figures and more. 


According to Rolling Stone magazine, Spotify’s listening rate for Scott rose by 25%, with some tracks rising by 50% ahead of the virtual concert.


 The concert also premiered Scott’s latest single, the Scott’s with a feature from Kid Cudi. The fortnite promotions seemed to have worked, as ” The Scott’s” took Spotify is biggest streaming debut of the year from Billy eyelashes ” No Time To Die”.


 Travis also earns money from a lot of product endorsement deals. One high-profile deal is with Nike. 


In 2017, he announced on Instagram that he would be collaborating

with Nike. Before that announcement, Scott appeared in a Nike campaign for its vapor Max sneaker. 


where he helped them launch the ” day to night” pack, a version of the shoot. Another rapper who collaborated with the brand is Kendrick Lamar, who worked on a Cortese sneaker. 


That’s Nike we’re talking about, so it’s a sure thing that he earns a lot from his deals. Travis Scott’s collaborations have become so enormously popular that selling them is hazardous to stores. 


even if you’re not a fan of Scott or his shoes. you’re probably going to try to buy them – they sell for many. many multiples of their retail price on the secondary market.


 the collaborative Jordan 1s with the reverse Nike swoosh.


For example: are reselling for nearly 150 dollars, as 748% premium compared to the shoes original price, according to stock.


 Ex Travis Scott turned 28 last April 30th and he celebrated and styled in a black bugatti chiron, that’s rumored to cost an eye watering three million dollars.


How Does Travis Scott Spend His Money?


His sick new whip got us thinking about the other cars in Scott’s garage, which, as you would expect from an artist worth more than we expect, is absolutely stacked with insane vehicles.


 from his new Bugatti through to camel covered Ferraris and chocolate colored Range Rovers, let’s find out what other luxurious cars he has. He has a Lamborghini Huracan. 


Scot super subtle babe camo covered Lambo Huracan boasts a 5.2 liter v10 engine, 602 horsepower, and a 240 mph top speed, it can hit zero to 60 in 3.4 seconds.


 Can you even guess how much the car costs?.

 don’t even try. next is a Lamborghini Aventador Scotts, Lambo Aventador was finished with a stunning matte round paint, which makes the entire whip look chocolate covered.


the paintwork is contrasted with white rims, all courtesy work of West Coast Customs. he definitely knows how to choose a car and he definitely has some style. 


Hey, we’re not done. He also has a Range Rover in that same sweet shade. definitely his style indeed. 


well, here’s another, his Ferrari 488 and laferrari. Scott’s Ferrari 488 looks like literal fire – the entire thing is finished in burnt orange. 


The Beast has a 3.9 liter twin-turbocharged v8 engine that can pump out 661 horsepower. he also once bought a rare Ferrari laferrari, which is rumored to cost about 1.4 million dollars, as a gift for Kylie Jenner. he also copped a $400,000 rolls-royce for Jenner.


 – if you had the cash for it, it’s as easy as making a call to give your girl such luxurious cars. 


kylie jenner celebrated her 22nd birthday with friends and family in italy and she received a special personalized gift from travis: a custom-made diamond-encrusted chain pendant by Ellie Annette bearing the Kylie cosmetics lips logo. expert Lauren McCauley told e news!


that Kylie’s birthday bling is an incredible display of jewelry craftsmanship, boasting pink and white micro pave diamonds on an infinity link chain. accented with pear-shaped Diamonds dangles a signature from a lip piece, a custom design like this could easily cost upwards of $375.000  dollars. and that’s a lot of cash people, imagine for a single  bling that is.


So much for his expensive car collection, let’s jump to his home earlier. 


In 2018, Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott were plagued with split rumors after it was discovered that the pair each lived in different houses. 


The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star and beauty business mogul was quick to quash the reports but did admit that the couple weren’t yet living in a home that they bought together.


 Who volunteers to live in the glorious house for them then? well, what can we do for just an audience of their wealthy lifestyle. 


Zillow reports that the home mentioned was sold for $18.7M dollars, and the LA Times have since confirmed that the proud new owners are none other than Kylie Jenner and boyfriend Travis Scott.


While the celebrity parents do own a smaller pad together in Central LA, this property purchase is the first large-scale family home that they have purchased together, splitting the cost 50-50, an important milestone in any relationship.


 there Beverly Hills Home is truly such a dream. located in the prestigious and exclusive 902 1o neighborhood of LA, the multi-million dollar mansion bought by the celebrity couple is in the Beverly Hills post office area and offers the pair nine thousand six hundred and eighty square.


A Foot of living space, the mansion has seven bedrooms, ten bathrooms and recently refurbished, open-concept living spaces that open out to a large outdoor terrace overlooking the home’s inviting pool. the chic and modern kitchen features the substantially sized central island and is completed with sleek, European oak floors and polished counter tops.


 the master suite is a huge space that not only has spacious ensuite, balcony and walk-in closet, but also boasts its own sitting room, office and storage space. 


The garden and pool area are surrounded by a thick wall of foliage, affording the celebrity couple and their young daughter stormy some much-needed privacy from the prying eyes of the paparazzi.


 the listing on Zillow describes the mansion as quote ” one of the most private compounds” in Beverly Hills. 


There’s also a guesthouse with its own kitchen and living area, bedroom and ensuite bathroom, so Kylie has a place to offer any of her extended famous family that might need a place to crash or somewhere for Kylie Jenner’s best friend Jordan to stay. 


The mansion also comes with a three-car garage, library temperature-controlled wine Cellar and home theater.




Travis Scott’s net worth is 50 million dollars.Travis has also appeared on the Forbes lists; he was in 30 under 30 music in 2018 and ranked 82nd in celebrity 100 2020. and again he was nominated in six Grammy Awards. 


he also won an award in billboard. That’s all for rapper Travis Scott.


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