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Weed ’em and Reap BIOGRAPHY, lifestyle & Net worth!


Weed ‘em and Reap Net Worth


What is Weed ‘em and Reap’s Net Worth?


Farming is not an easy job. It takes a lot of sacrifice, hard work, patience,  and years of salary-free life to keep it going.  Worst, you may need to leave your lifestyle.


It is a risk to take. For Danelle and Kevin, who once dreamed  of having a bigger backyard back in 2009,  they need to make a bold move for their kids. That is too the start of Weed ‘em and Reap.


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The US-based channel Weed ‘em and Reap  started in January 2014. The channel is hosted mainly by Danelle Wolford, a blogger  and aspiring farm girl who lovingly persuaded her husband to buy some goats. 


If you are not  following her on any social media account yet, you might ask the same question  that we’ve heard, “Why a goat?” We don’t know what’s with the goats,  but Danelle seems to fancy them a lot.


If you check their channel, you will see  that their first video was their kid’s tutorial on how to milk a goat. Weed ‘em and Reap Early Years


Early life


Back in 2009, Danelle suffered from a degenerative  disease, and her kids had asthma. She has been searching for the best cure until she sees  an article about goats and their benefits.


In the early years, goats were one of the primary  agricultural animals that man domesticated. But it  was just recently that man found out the benefits  of a goat’s meat. 


It is high in protein and low in saturated fat and cholesterol. And this is where it all started. Danelle persuaded her husband to buy a  one-acre urban farm in Phoenix, Arizona, to change their lifestyle completely. 


Her  mission is to heal herself from balance, chronic disease, anxiety,  and her kids from asthmas. The couple found a ranch-style  house in one acre of land beautifully surrounded by large trees. They  found it a perfect place for their family.


They started fixing the house. When  everything was set, they purchased a goat. Since Danelle is a blogger, she started writing about their  experiences as a new goat and farm owner.


She once thought that raising  goats and managing a farm was easy  

until she met some challenges. Danelle  did a quick comb on the internet. 


She was surprised to know that there was only  a little information about goat raising and  farm management. This gives her the  opportunity her to take her blogs seriously.


People started flocking to her site, reading her real-to-life stories  about goat ownership. Her blog views then started climbing up after five years of  successful blogging.


 She ventured to YouTube. They were then known as a family who excelled at  sharing their life stories very lightheartedly and amusingly. Their video editing and great choice of  music perfectly fit their life about farm videos.  


They have mastered carefully crafting each video  for the viewers to feel that they are with them. Weed ‘em, and Reap’s farm was initially designated  for raising goats, chickens, ducks, lambs, geese, and turkeys. 


And though they are city-born, this  did not stop them from creating a sustainable place for their family. They learned more about  farming, raising animals, and gardening. It was a perfect place to put all the theories they  learned on properly raising farm animals.


Guess what? The family was able to manage their  farm in a desert-like environment successfully.  


They were able to beat the odds, which ultimately  represents their channel name Weed ‘em & Reap.


What does ” Read ’em & weep”  mean?


You might wonder how on earth they  were able to pull this name out.

Their channel name originated  from the phrase Read ’em & weep, which is most often used if  someone has some advantage.


They must have played poker a lot, as  this is the usual phrase you hear when someone has a winning hand. Kidding aside,  she thought that the “Weed ’em & Reap” would be perfect for their channel. 


This  refers to their new life at the farm, where they do all the work, from raising the  farm animals to cultivating and harvesting crops.




Weed ‘em and Reap, and Danelle  is now living their mission, to teach her viewers all kinds of farm activities. They are putting value on  every video that they post.


 in 2007, her’s disc disease back. It was disabling for  her, and her anxiety was killing her. Her health and her family’s health made her decide to let go  of her lifestyle. 


This became her turning point. Indeed, they reaped what they sowed.


They’ve made an incredible transformation  after switching their lifestyle, changing their meals and snacks full of  junk to healthy homemade meals. 


Their whole family was healed. Her son’s asthma was  cured, and they were not quickly afflicted with cold and flu. Plus, she dropped her  weight and reversed her chronic disease!


After a couple of months, the family started  learning how to cultivate and grow fruits, vegetables, and trees in a desert-like climate.

They then started learning how to milk goats,  and her kids started learning how to pick and harvest fruits and vegetables correctly. These  become part of their everyday routine.


 All food that they put on the table comes from  their farm. How nice would it be? Your milk comes from your goats, your  sunny side up comes from your hen, and if you want some snacks, you can pick  fresh fruits and veggies from your garden.


Oh, by the way, did we mention that they have  a pond too? Yes, if they get tired of eating beef wellington, they can get some fish  from their pond. 


A perfect life, isn’t it?


But in every perfect video they post  is a failed behind-the-scenes cut.  


The channel is so transparent that you will  also see some of their methods or tutorials fail. But they continue learning the perfect  techniques to raise farm animals and cultivate their crops. 


And that’s why their viewers  love them, they can picture out what will happen next if a procedure fails. Though  I think that viewers love the goats more.


In February 2014, when they initially launched  their channel, their first video was their  daughter Lydia. She was eight-year-old  when the tutorial video on how to milk a goat was uploaded.


 In all fairness, she  made a very good job milking the goat.  

Their first video was pretty good. Currently  it has a total of 164, 907 views and counting.


And in 2016, Weed ’em & Reap  uploaded a video called “ baby  

goat’s birth on the homestead,” which  garnered a total views of 2,985,776  views and remains their most  viewed video after five years.


See the trend? There must be something with goats.  I think I should start looking for goats now.


Weed ‘em and Reap channel’s earnings.


Just like other YouTubers, Weed ‘em and Reap net worth have  a couple of sources of income. 


Though YouTube comes as one of the significant contributors to  their net worth, Danelle also has a blog website that generates decent revenue from ads. They  also have made partnerships with some brands. And just like most of the YouTubers they also have merchandise that you can purchase through Amazon.


Currently, the channel has almost  seven hundred (700) video uploads  

for their growing community of roughly  around seven hundred thousand (700,000)  subscribers. 


These subscribers were able to  generate 162,476,359 views for their channel. So, if you want to start a YouTube channel and  generate a massive number of subscribers or if you want to be healthy but don’t know where  to start, look around you and check for goats.


( Note:  We’ve been talking about goats here, so  here are a few facts about them. Goats  are burpers, and just like dogs, they can  give them a beautiful name and teach them to come when called. Also, they are easy  to care for, particularly the meat goats.


Their capacity to adapt to a wide  range of environmental circumstances,  as well as their high production and  fertility, make them perfect for anyone wishing to rear farm animals for meat.  And you will get free milk from them too. )


Going back, their channel has an average  monthly earning of almost $3,000. And because of Danelle’s talent and skills, the  videos dislike it just around 102 per month.


Now unto their yearly earnings. 


Although their subscribers  are just below a million, Weed ‘em and Reap have a total  estimated net worth of $900,000. 


Indeed, Danelle made the right decision when she  initiated the bold move to change their life.


Now, together with their  adorable kids, Ethan and Lydia,  

the family is happily living  a dream life on an urban farm.


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