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What happened to Pure Living For Life!? – CONTROVERSY over Pure Living For Life

Welcome back to another episode of celebrity networth and lifestyle.


In today’s episode, we will go over the life and income of the Pure Living for Life couples


Jesse Stafford and Alyssa Craft.


You are reading: What happened to Pure Living For Life!? – CONTROVERSY over Pure Living For Life


Bio Jesse Staford


Jesse Staford was born on February 5.


He is currently 39 years old.


He was born in the United States of America, but there is no specific state and town.


His partner, Alyssa Craft, was born in Palmdale, California.


She has a college degree and graduated from California State University before moving


to Medford, Oregon, for five years.


She worked as a graphic designer, both self-employed and working for a corporate company.


When the two couples met, they had conversations about their goals in life and how unhappy


they were with life in the city.


They knew that living in the city and with that society would be hard for them to accomplish


their goals, such as having freedom.


And so, they moved to Idaho in September 2015 to live a new lifestyle.


They bought a 5-acre land and started afresh.


And by that, I mean building everything from scratch as much as possible.


This kind of lifestyle is known as the homestead.


Homestead is when people live in a house surrounded by the land they own, mainly in a middle of


the woods or a farm.


A family who chooses to live this lifestyle also have barns and farmhouse for livestock


and crops.


They thought that by starting vlogging and documenting their journey on August 19, 2015,


they might encourage other people who are thinking of living off-grid to do the same.


And so, they created the Pure Living For Life YouTube Channel.


It is also a kind of DIY video for others who want to do similar projects.


They also plant and grow their food and raise farm animals.


These kinds of videos are perfect for pandemics if you’re going to try something new or just


out of boredom.


Their journey started with living in a trailer that was 19 feet long as they built their


new home.


Their way to get electricity is from solar panels and septic systems, suitable for the




Their water comes from different off-grid water systems but still deciding on a more


sustainable solution.


They first built a 24 by 36 feet barn on their land, putting a gambrel roof.


With this, they now have a garage for their trailer and a workspace for building their


new home.


Pure Living for Life built their house with timber that is available in their land.


The construction started in July 2016.


The frame of their home is 36 by 36 with a 12/12 roof.


They also planned to install floor heating on the first floor of their 3-story house.


Jesse and Alyssa also make almost everything seen in their home.


For example, they were excited to film and show their hot tub.


Their wood fire-made hot tub from December 15, 2019, is their most viewed video until


today, with a total of 4.2 million views.


So, you might be wondering how they fund these projects.


According to their blog, they have many small online businesses to fund their projects and


a full-service marketing agency.


Their primary source of income is the products they sell with the small businesses they have,


and only a tiny percent of their savings comes from their clients in the marketing agency


they own.


They also invested in assets such as a new car with equity, the business about brick


and mortar, which makes sense with their lifestyle line, and a temporary rental property that


they plan on selling after the pandemic.


They also receive sponsorships from various companies, commission projects, and affiliate


programs with Amazon.


On top of this, they make videos and post them on YouTube, where they also earn income.


The YouTubers make videos based on the number of views in their uploaded videos, the number


of ads before, during, and at the end of these videos, advertisement quality if the viewers


have adblockers, and the length of the video.


For every 1,000 views on one video, they will generate an income of three dollars to 5 dollars.


And so, if they earn a million views, they may check out up to five thousand dollars,


depending on how many people skipped and watched the ads and other factors mentioned a while



So far, they have 20 uploaded videos with a million views above.


If the videos go viral or your channel starts growing, sponsorships come and make an offer


with the channels or YouTube celebrities.


Some of them are also selling their merchandise to have another source of income aside from


the YouTube videos.


The YouTube channel Pure Living for Life by the couple Jesse Stafford and Alyssa Craft


The YouTube channel Pure Living for Life by the couple Jesse Stafford and Alyssa Craft


has over 520,000 subscribers and over 172 million total views in all of their videos.


Their average views per video are 235.92 thousand a month, with around 7.86 thousand per day.


Add the advertisements shown in every video they upload and the length of their videos.


There are various speculations and guesses on their revenue in a month and a year. had posted data that led to 463 dollars in 30 days.


Additionally, their monthly data on the revenue that the Pure Living for Life channel gets


can be seen decreasing from the highest of 3.94 thousand dollars in December 2019 to


325 dollars in October year 2021.


Another article had said that the Pure Living for Life channel earns 944 dollars a month,


including the factors that increase the profits of YouTube videos, and about 14.16 thousand


dollars a year to 25.38 thousand dollars if to count the projects done for other people


and their other gigs.


Meanwhile, the highest reported revenue data of this YouTube channel is around a thousand


dollars per month while earning approximately 12 thousand dollars annually.


They also reported that their total net worth throughout their YouTube career years is about


500 thousand dollars.


This data does not count the income they get from their clients and selling the products


of their small online businesses.


Still, it considers the sponsorships they get, projects commissioned by their viewers,


and their partnership with Amazon.


As you might observe, they used to be a significant channel and have supportive subscribers.


They still have more than 529 thousand subscribers, but their viewers are not as supportive as




As discussed a while ago, the more views a YouTube video gets, the higher its revenue.


And because there are only 50 thousand to a hundred thousand viewers on the videos they


release, their revenue also goes down.


The channel had been inactive as well, and the last video that the couples of Pure Living


for Life had uploaded was on November 29, 2020.


So, what happened to their channel?


Many subscribers and viewers had been calling them a fraud and a scam.


The channel’s purpose was to upload their journey, which was going well until a baby


was in the way.


Alyssa Craft had announced that she was going to have her and Jesse Stafford’s first child.


But after the baby was born, there were no photos of the baby.


Pure Living for Life also posted no announcement of gender or any video about the baby.


The viewers had seen a glimpse of Alyssa holding the baby in some of their videos in 2019,




However, there is no proper introduction.


It caused some confusion with the subscribers and their fans as they overlooked any baby


stuffs in the house.


It led to the speculation that they do not live in the house that they are building.


It caused their fans to turn on them and call them fraud and scam for letting the viewers


believe that they live on their 5 acres of land.


And because many people are commenting on their video about the alleged baby, Pure Living


for Life turned off the comment section to give space to the Alyssa Craft.


Without a video explaining what is happening in their lives and not denying and clarifying


any rumors or issues, many fans continue to hate the channel’s creators.


Fans found more evidence that they do not live in the area, such as how their living


room is plain and has no life at all.


The garden they also built and documented was not growing anymore or not being taken


care of.


With these pieces of evidence that the viewers noticed, the rumor about how and why they


think the couple does not live in the cabin circulated even more.


Until now, there have been no videos made to deny the allegations nor confirm them.


Instead, the channel was left cold, and Pure Living for Life did not upload videos for


a very long time.


It also explains why a growing medium has low revenue and net worth.


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About the net worth, as of October 2021, there are many speculations and estimated revenue.


It is most likely that the net cost of the Pure Living for Life YouTube channel is from


66.7 thousand to 4 hundred thousand dollars if it is only to include the revenue of their


video and not to count another source of income.


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