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Who are The Outdoor Boys?

Welcome back to another episode, Today we will be going over Outdoor Boys Biography,


net worth and lifestyle Love building stuff? Love the outdoors? Love


travel and danger? Love goofing around? Well, the Outdoor boys love the same! They even


say this in the first video that you see on their YouTube channel! The Outdoor boys YouTube


channel is all about fun, adventures, and as you can guess, the outdoors. If you are


a total off gridder and really enjoy the outdoors, you will love this channel because there are


so many cool videos from restoring old axes to making a hunting spear and even parenting!


So, let s get it started and dive into the Outdoors Boys lifestyle!


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The Outdoors Boys lifestyle


You can probably say that YouTube is full of channels like this, featuring people doing


something outdoors: cooking, camping, tinkering something and so on. So how is this channel


different from other ones? Well, here we have an entire family of outdoors enthusiasts!


Luke Nichols along with his wife Rebecca Nichols and their three sons Tommy, Nate, and Jacob


are highly recognized for filming their adventures and posting them on the Outdoor Boys channel.


They are traveling, camping, hunting, fishing, and even metal detecting! No wonder the Outdoors


channel is so popular! This unique family has built a fan base of more than 1.8 million


dedicated subscribers on the platform. One of their most popular videos “Epic Bike Crash


– Tommy’s balance bike FAIL!” has been viewed 22 million times! This video became so popular


apparently because his little son Tommy had a really epic bike crash on his balance bike!


Luke and Rebecca gave Tommy a balance bike and a helmet on his birthday, and the kid


was absolutely happy to learn to ride a bike. Tommy asked his dad to film him so he could


“make an epic bike video”. But as you can understand by the title, everything went not


as planned and Tommy eventually experienced a really painful fail! But don t worry you


guys, everything is absolutely fine with Tommy! Moreover, he didn t give up and gave it a


try over and over again! What a brave boy, right? Who said the pain could ever stop a


real man? Even a little one. What is even more interesting and funny is that almost


in the very end of the video Luke asks Tommy, Now we need to make the Thumbnail and we get


to do some clickbait! You wanna do some clickbait? And then Luke brings some fake blood and puts


it all over Tommy s face. Then dad and son stage the crush and voila, you can see the


result on the video s Thumbnail! But Outdoor Boys isn’t Luke Nichols’ only


channel. Catfish & Carp is Luke’s another successful fishing channel and if fishing


is your thing – you can subscribe to this channel because these guys catch literally


everything that swims! Luke has already posted over 300 videos out there and the motto for


the channel is ‘The bigger – the better’! Okay, let s go back to the Outdoor Boys channel


and talk about how it all started. Luke was born in Virginia and from an early


age, he has been a real outdoors enthusiast! Luke revealed that being a kid he already


was into dwelling in the forest, camping, and just goofing around. 


This is incredible,


but he was even trying out different bush craft tactics like starting a fire with a


metal rod! He studied Bs. Political Science from Brigham Young University and attended


George Mason University School of law. And now he is a successful lawyer.


He is well known for his expertise in DUI/DWI defense, reckless driving defense, and other


traffic issues. He has undergone multiple courses and has also been trained as a Field


Sobriety Test Instructor. All these knowledge gives him a unique edge in defending reckless


driving and DUI/DWI cases in Virginia. Moreover, he is not just a lawyer, he is also the author


of several books on Virginia Traffic Law. He has written multiple books – the Virignia


DUI Handbook (2010), The Virginia Reckless Driving Handbook (3rd edition), and Driving


on a Suspended License in Virginia (2011). Besides all of that, he is also a contributing


author for several online legal resources and legal blogs! How does this person manage


to do everything? This is really amazing that despite being such a busy person, he never


forgets about his passion and continues to find time for this hobby. But shall we say


that the Outdoors Boys channel is more than just a hobby for him? Absolutely!


His passion for camping, campfire cooking, fossil hunting, magnet fishing, metal detecting


is shared not only by his wife Rebecca but also by his three little sons Tommy, Nate,


and Jacob. His kids are often featuring in his videos and this is so funny to watch them


doing something together! The video 2 Story LEGO FORT Nerf Battle – Parents vs Kids got


so popular and earned more than 18 million views! This video is definitely worth seeing!


As you can guess from the title this video is all about a fight. It s a bedtime but boys


don t want to sleep, so parents are trying to put down the boys hard. In this episode


kids are defending their Lego fort Nerf from Luke and Rebecca. The fight is so cool and


fun to watch! The entire video is filmed and edited on the highest level! Moreover, they


have a Nerf War 2 Mama s Revenge video and during this war there were 6000+ nerf bullets


used! Besides the cool idea and amazing editing, it is always funny to watch kids playing with


their parents! I wish I had parents like Rebecca and Luke!


But if you want to watch more extreme and adventurous video, take a look at their crazy


episode titled Deep Snow Primitive Survival Camping in Mountains – Campfire Cooking on


Shovel . In this video, Luke and his 4-year-old sons flew to Utah and traveled deep into the


Rockys! The main purpose of traveling was some deep snow winter survival camping in


the mountains! This family adores backcountry bushcraft camping trips and according to Luke,


this one was one of the best trips they ever had. But what is even more impressive, Luke


had to use the aluminum survival shovel to cook! The guys cooked corn dogs, campfire


doughnuts, and campfire beef fajitas. This video has more than 6 million views! Could


you use a shovel to make dinner? But what if you surrounded by snow? We definitely want


to hear your opinion on this one! Oh, by the way, don t forget to hit the subscribe button


if you are still watching this video! As for his forging project and videos, the


video titled Forging Fishing Spears + Hunting Snakeheads in Swamp – Forging Fishing Catch


& Cook Challenge is really one of the must-sees! In this episode, Luke and his sons forge four

fishing spears and then they go at night to the swamp to catch, clean and cook snakeheads!


Luke films the entire process of forging and it is really interesting to watch even if


you are not going to forge anything any time soon. Then we can see them preparing for their


night hunting on the swamp and after that their entire adventure on the swamps! Have


you ever been to the swamp at night? According to Arthur Conan Doyle, there was the dog of


the Baskervilles there! Of course, they were not at the Dartmoor swamp, but it still looks


mysterious. Their fishing challenge is really impressive and at the very end of the video


Luke share with his subscribers his favorite snakehead recipe and he shows how to cook


snakehead! I have never cooked a snakehead! And what about you?


Net Worth


Let s jump into their net worth, before we do be sure to smash the subscribe button to


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. This months shoutout goes to April! Thank you for supporting the channel!


Let s get into it! As for the Outdoors Boys net worth and earnings,


according to multiple online sources, this channel does $ 25K – $ 80K monthly. So, the


estimated net worth should be around $1 million and more (we can t say for sure but different


sources say that the Outdoor Boys estimated net worth is from $1 million to $3 million).


Anyways, we are not paparazzi, so not all the information is 100% accurate. The channel


has over 1.8 million and 297 videos uploaded so far. The overall channel views are 442.3M


and Luke uploads two to three videos on his channel every month. If you take a look at


the statistics of the channel, you notice that the number of subscribers is growing


exponentially at the rate of 1500 new subscribers every single day.


Be sure to check out this video here! Until next time!


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